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This world is full of different shapes and sizes, embrace and celebrate it!

This is such a great quote from a wonderful photography that I have meet (virtually of course, LOL!!!), Jessica Grimm of Jessica Grimm Photography. She has written a fabulous article on Plus Size, Photography and Brides .  Her article is amazing because it talks about, her being a plus size bride and knowing exactly what […]

Real Wedding Wednesday: Bridesmaids Twitter Party

We are doing Real Wedding Wednesday a little different today.  I received an email this morning from Bridal Guide Magazine and I am so excited about their upcoming Bridesmaids Twitter Party that I had to share it. Behind every beautiful BG bride is a supporting case of girlfriends, sisters, or relatives who painstakingly helped her plan […]

What, I have a budget?

YES, YOU DO!! Nearly half of all couples report spending more on the wedding than originally planned. These budgeting tips will help you stay on track. Step 1: Get a Budgeting System Establish a reliable method to keep track of all expenditures. Try to keep your wedding fund separate from your personal accounts, so you […]