PLANNING | How To Choose Your Wedding Flowers

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Choosing your flowers is one of the most important decisions you’ll make for your wedding day. You’ll want everything including your floral arrangements to be memorable, and you should work closely with a florist that specializes in wedding flowers.

Be Open Minded About Color Selections

Some brides have very specific ideas about their colors and flowers they want for the ceremony and reception. They may not be aware that there are flowers they aren’t familiar with that are in season and are lovely for weddings. Before you decide on one specific flower, find flowers that compliment your color scheme, are seasonal, and will enhance the ceremony and reception.

Have Realistic Expectations

Celebrity weddings feature extravagant floral arrangements that are spectacular and expensive. In reality, it’s not practical to attempt to replicate Hollywood weddings. A floral expert that specializes in weddings can guide you so your flowers will be perfect, within your budget, and look lovely in your wedding photos.

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Consider Your Wedding Venue

When you book the venue for your wedding, visit the site before you start choosing flowers. Some couples plan their floral arrangements based on pre-existing ideas which don’t always work. For example, a palette of soft pastels won’t work with a venue decorated in bright red, orange, and gold. Consider all the elements of the venue including:

  • Decor
  • Style
  • Lighting
  • Table linen
  • Place settings

Use Flowers In Moderation

Wedding celebrations are more festive with colorful flowers. However, you don’t need floral arrangements in every space in the church or your reception venue. When your guests have arrived, some of the arrangements won’t be noticed if they’re in out-of-the-way spaces. Focus on altar flowers for the ceremony, table arrangements for the reception dinner and cake table, and to enhance the wedding photos.

Inspirational Color Combinations

Summer and winter weddings are perfect for combining red, burgundy, and peach. A brilliant red and soft peach look stunning when combined for a bridal bouquet. Red roses, tulips, and miniature carnations make a lovely statement. Want to make a statement with your flowers? Try combining sage, ivory, and gold for outdoor weddings, gold, eggplant, and navy for fall-themed weddings, or green, gold, and peach for romantic, summer weddings.

Ceremony Flowers

Many couples choose a vase filled with flowers on either side of the altar in the wedding colors or seasonal blooms. A cascade of flowers adds elegance to the ceremony. A unity candle arrangement is a meaningful symbol for the ceremony. The stained glass windows, carpeting, and wooden pews of the church are all enhanced with color coordinated ceremony flowers. Beautiful red roses are always an elegant choice for wedding flowers all year but are especially lovely for fall and winter weddings. A cascade of red roses with baby’s breath, or red, pink, and white roses with touches of lace are elegant, especially for holiday weddings. Flowers For Everyone grows roses that are created to last and are perfect for festive celebrations.

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