PLANNING | The Quirkiest Wedding Venues In The World

PLANNING | The Quirkiest Wedding Venues In The World

If you have recently said ‘yes’ to a proposal or if you’ve been planning the finer details of your upcoming nuptials for what seems like forever, there’s no doubt you have a list as long as your arm of things still to do. You might need to source your dress, arrange the catering, book a photographer, hire some entertainment and sort the flowers not to mention book a venue to actually hold your ceremony. Take a look at venue spaces london for ideas. Nowadays people assume you have one of three options. You could go down the hugely traditional route and opt for a religious ceremony getting married in a church, a synagogue, a mosque Alternatively, you might opt for a less ornate and more civil and basic register office. Thirdly, you might consider the all-in-one ceremony and reception option of a hotel.

PLANNING | The Quirkiest Wedding Venues In The World

While these options are more than valid, you are not limited to these three types of wedding venue options. Since weddings have become big business and venues all over the world have come to realize just how lucrative the wedding industry is, all sorts of weird and wonderful places are licensed to hold ceremonies. Take a look at these ideas and see if any of these quirky wedding venues inspire you when planning your big day.



If you are an absolute movie buff, you met your other half over popcorn and nachos on the back row of the theater, or you simply love the old black and white reels of the early twentieth century, a cinema wedding could be right up your street. Ornate and art deco picture houses often set aside weekdays in particular for weddings when they aren’t showing movies. The theater screen comes complete with a ready-made aisle, seating, catering options and a stage. You might even be able to personalize your ceremony complete with home movies, bespoke cinema snacks, and music.

If you’re into a vintage vibe, a 1940s art deco picturehouse could set the tone for your entire day. You might want to go all out fifties with a vintage halterneck polka dot wedding dress. Your makeup could include the iconic bright red lipstick of the era, and you could select a retro short hairstyle complete with added sheen, volume and curls. Even if your locks aren’t thick and luscious, there are still plenty of short haircuts for fine hair that you could consider to match the theme of your big day. Your husband to be might opt for a mod style suit. Creams and navy blues could be the color scheme complete with art deco fonts for the table settings and reception signage. If you want to make a statement and add a touch of class to your day, a cinema wedding could be what you’re looking for.


There’s a whole host of weird and wonderful museums that designate specific areas for wedding ceremonies. You could select a theme based on your likes. For example, if your hubby to be is a science boffin, why not head to the local science museum complete with locomotives and interactive exhibits for the backdrop to your photos. If nature is more your thing, natural history museums could provide even more spectacular photoshoot opportunities. Imagine the skeleton of a giant blue whale for the big family shot or a giant rare butterfly collection behind you, the happy couple, on your big day.

Many museums will often provide staff to hand out canapes while people are waiting for the ceremony to begin. There may be an outside area for them to mingle or there could even be pre-arranged guided tours of certain installations. Depending on the sort of museum you opt for, you could have a day filled full of your passions and interests. Your choice of color scheme is not limited to the usual creams and whites. You can make the wedding unique. There couldn’t be a more fitting way to celebrate your nuptials.

National Park

If you’re very much the outdoorsy couple, it might come as no surprise to your guests that you might consider a wedding underneath a great monument in a national park. If you love nothing better than whipping on your hiking boots on a Saturday morning to take a trek outside, breathing in some fresh air and taking in the beauty of your surroundings, then why not incorporate this into your big day?

Imagine taking a trip to Yellowstone National Park, locating your favorite natural spectacle and getting married right next to it. You could even get married at an alternative time of the day. There’s nothing more romantic than saying your heartfelt vows under the stars in front of family and friends. Or perhaps you’d rather a morning ceremony, declaring your commitment to one another as the sun rises in the distance. Although a public area, national parks are large enough so you won’t be disturbed. Just don’t pitch up your marquee near the popular picnic area! For an outdoorsy couple, there’s no more suitable venue than the outdoors. Your nearest and dearest will head home remembering this unique wedding for all the right reasons.

While you might not be able to host a grand reception in the park or have music blaring, and you might be sharing your venue with the grizzlies, your photos will be stunning, you’ll be married in the great outdoors, and you’ll have an unforgettable wedding. For the reception afterwards, you’ll have to head to another venue to sit down to a lovely meal.


Some people love nothing more than getting stuck into a good book. If you or your soulmate belong in academia or met over the non-fiction aisle, there may be no more appropriate place to say ‘I do’ than in a library. Some libraries are grand, ornate and make the most amazing photo opportunities. Outside, the buildings are adorned with gothic architecture, sculptural features and usually the grandest of entrances. With a red carpet, some champagne, hor d’oeuvres and a string quartet, you could have the most classy and chic of ceremonies complete with antique volumes of historical novels surrounding you.

You might even be keen to use one of your favourite books as inspiration for the theme of your wedding. What about a Pride and Prejudice affair, a Jane Eyre soiree or a Middlemarch reception? The most romantic of novels can be the perfect theme for the most personalized of wedding ceremonies.

Many old libraries also have grand function rooms making them the ideal all-in-one venue. You could have a wonderful ceremony, followed by a short photoshoot, followed by a swanky sit down three-course wedding breakfast complete with aperitifs, amuse bouche, and cocktails. You could even select literary wedding favors for the best man, page boys, ushers and bridesmaids. A venue can really be the catalyst for your wedding day, so by choosing a kooky place to hold your big day, you’ll be sure of a unique wedding.

Getting married will be one of the most amazing, thrilling, daunting and special experiences of your life. As a couple, you should sit down and consider the theme, ethos and vibe that you want your big day to have. Weddings are allowed to be slightly selfish events; you need to achieve your dream day. By selecting a fabulous and quirky venue, you could have the most memorable wedding day that will be the stuff of legend for years to come.

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