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Gorgeous Engagement Rings in Extended Sizes

This post may contain affiliate links. Click here to learn more. Ladies, with engagement season in full swing it’s hard not to think about taking the next step this time of year. If you’ve been with your man awhile and have been discussing the possibility of getting married, congratulations! These days, many women accompany men […]

PLANNING | 7 Important Things To Tell Yourself On The Morning of Your Wedding

We have a worrying tendency to spend weeks, months or even years planning engagements that last only a day. Every year we work ourselves into a frenzy dashing around obsessing over the minutiae of every birthday party, every Thanksgiving, and every Christmas. Yet, for all our planning, our slavish devotion and rigorous efforts, the moment […]

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PLANNING | Enjoy Laid-Back Honeymoon Adventures With A Tanzania Safari!

Safaris are becoming a popular choice for couples looking to break the mold for their honeymoon. Your honeymoon can offer once-in-a-lifetime experiences, so why not combine it with something else that you’ve always wanted to do. A safari is a great choice for couples looking to experience adventure, without having to scale mountains or go […]