5 Bridal Hair Accessories for that Stunning Look

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As a bride, you may find yourself giving more attention to your gown, with your hair coming in as an afterthought. Yet, the little details you put on your hair will go a long way in giving your bridal look a special touch. Whether it’s a tiara, hair clip or wedding flower headband, your bridal hair accessories will give you a stunning look for your big day. 

However, choosing the right hair accessory to complement your bridal look is not always a simple task. 

Here’s why; you must take several things into consideration like the type of veil you’ll wear, compatibility with the rest of your jewelry, your choice of gown, not forgetting the groom’s fashion. Is there any motif on your dress? Let’s say crystals, pearls, or gemstones? If you’re going for a minimalistic gown, then a statement hairpiece will come in handy. 


On the other hand, an opulent wedding gown will require a hair accessory that is more delicate. The size of the hair accessory is another important factor for consideration

because some tiara and clips are so big that they’ll look incongruous if you’re petite or have shorter hair. While the small clips can easily ‘disappear’ if your hair is full-bodied in volume. Remember, sometimes your headpiece may play a pivotal role. 

Now that you’ve that little background information on hairpieces, let’s talk about some of the hair accessories and pick the right one for that stunning look as you walk down the aisle. 

Hair Pins 

Introducing hair pins is a brilliant move, especially if you want to add dimension, put some emphasis on the texture of your hairstyle or make accents on your updo. Three to five carefully selected pins will infuse complexity into an otherwise ordinary boho plait or other simple style. 

Like most brides, may choose to wear your veil for the ceremony only and take it off during the reception. In this case, you’ll do well to have the veil in the morning before transitioning to your hair pins later at the reception or evening. 


Tiaras are by far the most popular hairpiece that never goes out of fashion. They’re timeless. If you’re all about princess vibes, then wearing a tiara will do the trick. Having a tiara that suits your hairstyle will give you an iconic look, especially when complemented by a perfect veil. The good thing about tiaras is that they’ll work for just about any hairstyle from straight hair to a formal bun. You can opt for traditional tiaras or modern crowns for an edgy look. 

Bridal combs or hair clips 

This is another versatile hairpiece that you can use to effortlessly complement your hairstyle. You can wear hair clips along with a veil or on its own. Hair clips are usually easy to secure, yet they’ll add an amazing dazzle to your hair without stealing the thunder from your wedding dress

Hair vines 

The popularity of hair vines has grown as many brides as possible embraces the bohemian theme. They are sophisticated and whimsical giving you a head turning look especially for hairstyles that are effortless and slightly undone such as boho braid or a relaxed bun. You can easily achieve a chic wedding hairstyle by accessorizing a twisted boho updo with an elegant hair vine. Make sure to also read this informative article – Best Mousse For Braids That You Cant Miss This Year. Hair vines are so versatile that you van wear them in different ways for instance weave into the hair style or across the front like a tiara or headband. 

Flower crowns 

If you’re a bride who’d rather not have a veil, bridal flower crowns are a great alternative. One thing about these crowns is that you’d not need additional accessories because they make great stand-alone pieces. When choosing your crown of flowers, make sure you take your personal style, climate, and season into account. The size of the crown of flowers is also worth considering because while large flowers will create a dramatic look, tiny ones give you an ethereal look. Accessorizing with a flower crown works perfectly when you want to bring out a romantic or rustic look. 

Whether you’re looking forward to a classical woodland wedding, a seaside beach wedding or romantic backyard bohemian wedding, you can’t run short of options of how to accessorize your bridal hair perfectly. You simply need to work closely with your bridal hairdresser to agree on which of these options from Les Couronnes De Victoire will make a good fit to complete not only your look but also complement your wedding day theme.

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