The Accessories That Make The Man’s Wedding Outfit

When it comes to wedding wear, most of the accessory and jewelry trends are reserved for the ladies, but that’s not to say that you shouldn’t ensure that your man’s outfit doesn’t look and feel special as well. Here, we’re going to look at some of the hottest accessories that can ensure your groom is looking the part on your big day.

Real Wedding|Surprise Social Distancing Wedding|The Monarch Studio | Pretty Pear Bride
Real Wedding|Surprise Social Distancing Wedding|The Monarch Studio | Pretty Pear Bride


Though very much a main component of any suit, the type of necktie your groom wears is still considered an accessory and comes with a wide range of choices that you should think over carefully. Neckties, bow ties, and cravats are the three most common kinds, and each suits a different level of formality and vibe better than the other. You should also make sure that your pocket square matches your necktie in color and pattern.

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The most commonly worn kind of jewelry for any man at a wedding is the cufflink. Aside from playing an important role in fitting the suit cuff to the groom’s wrist, they also add a little bit of personality to the suit, and this 2021 cufflinks guide can help you get a good look at some of the ways you can individualize your aesthetic without needing to rely on anything too ostentatious.


While not seen as a traditional wedding accessory, custom watches for men have become a lot more popular as of late, especially as a way of showing status at a wedding. After all, it’s the big day to show yourselves at your very best and, for men, this often means wearing watches, and this 2021 best dress watches list can help you pick those that match the occasion. You may consider Accutron Watches or matching watches, which can make for an excellent gift to the groomsmen as well. You can even engrave your watch with the date and occasion to make it a treasured item for the rest of your life.


Just like cufflinks, tiebars have a pragmatic role to play, in making sure that they don’t let your tie fly all over the place. What’s more, they add a little bit of glam to the groom’s outfit, which can often lack the glitz of the bride. Match the shade of the tiebar metal to complement the overall look, whether that’s with the cufflinks, the groom’s glasses, or even the bridge’s jewelry.

Belts and suspenders

Though primarily a practical concern, there are style choices to be made with the accessories that tie the outfit together, as well. If you’re aiming for a more stripped-back and casual wedding, then a nice belt buckle might be the most individual personality that you get to add to your outfit. Otherwise, make sure you select a shade of leather that compliments the suit.

The accessories should match the theme and feel of the wedding, just as much as anything else. Natural materials and more stripped-back designs are better for smaller or more casual weddings, while luxury watches and cufflinks are much better for those weddings that present class and prestige.

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