A Checklist For Your Groom-To-Be

A wedding is a big deal. You’re going to be in the spotlight for all of your friends and family, so it’s essential that you and your groom look good and the wedding runs according to plan. As a bride-to-be, you have many things to arrange for the big day. This short checklist will help lighten the load by making sure your groom-to-be looks and feels the part.

Suit And Accessories

Start by thinking about the other wedding colors in your palette and choose a complementary hue together with your groom-to-be. The most popular options are gray, navy blue, dark brown, or black. However, it is important to consider that these shades may be complex for you to match accessories. Make sure the suit is clean and pressed for the big day. It would be advisable to have the suit fitted and tailored by a professional. Ensure you have the matching accessories such as cufflinks, watch, wedding ties, socks, shoes, and Genuine leather belts packed a few days beforehand.

It would be best if you involved your groom-to-be in all decisions made regarding the wedding. Discuss any specific needs or wants he might have, such as wearing a pair of sentimental shoes.


If this is the case, you should ensure that these sentimental items are clean and ready to play their part on the big day. For example, if the selected sentimental item is an old pair of slightly stained shoes, you might want to consider specific cleaning methods for removing stains from leather.

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Personal Grooming

Hair, make sure your groom-to-be’s hair is trimmed and appropriately groomed. If he has long locks, consider getting him a good and proper trim to ensure that he looks the part.

He should keep his facial hair or beard neat and clean with the regular use of shaving cream and a razor or beard soap, and don’t forget to trim around the neckline where many hairs tend to grow back fuller than elsewhere on your face. You can treat your husband to be with a Biologique Recherche Customized Facial a week before your wedding.

Cologne, choose a scent that is subtle but noticeable to you and your wedding party. Avoid heavily scented colognes that are too overpowering.


It may be a good idea for you and your groom-to-be to write your vows together as most men are not very open to sharing their feelings and emotions. By doing this, you can share the words that are most important to each of you. You may want to make a list of important aspects to include in your vows beforehand so that you don’t forget anything. By writing your vows with your partner, you will be able to ensure the vows are unique and personal. You can even ask your officiant for help crafting the appropriate wording for a vow or promise that will have special meaning for both of you as individuals and together as a married couple.

Your groom-to-be may want to do all of the above on his own, but it is essential to keep tabs on his to-do list as you want to be running around trying to finalize his to-do list while still worrying about your own a few days before the wedding.

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