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How to Change Your Wedding Look from Ceremony to Reception

Are you looking for a fun way to change your look even just a little bit from the wedding ceremony to the reception afterward? If so, the ideas below for brides are sure to give you a great starting point. Use a few of the suggestions and enjoy seeing how guests notice the terrific way you alter your look on the big day.

New Dress? Not Needed

The tips below are great alternatives to buying a second dress. If you want to change your look, but the idea of getting another wedding dress for the reception overwhelms you, don’t worry. There are other ways to transform your look. Here are the best options.

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Swap Your Earrings

If you wore a dainty pair of earrings for the ceremony at the church or another location, then select a dazzling set like these stud earrings for the celebration that follows it. Choosing something quite different like one of the earring stack sets will help it to stand out and be noticed by your soulmate and others.

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For example, delicate pearl studs are lovely at the ceremony, and you can swap them out for a long, beaded pair. If you’re not sure when to make the change, you might do so at the start of the professional photo shoot that typically follows the ceremony, or wait until you reach the reception location. I suggest you start your search by meeting with jewelers or looking into Estate Jewelry Buying for some really nice looking options for a reasonable price.

Put on Designer Glasses

If you don’t usually wear glasses, then wearing a pair of designer glasses as you enter the reception hall can make an amazing fashion statement. There are many trendy styles from some of the biggest designers in the world, including Kate Spade.

Choose a bold color for the eyeglass frames that pop against your white dress or opt for classic silver instead. For those brides who wore contact lenses during the wedding vows, consider wearing glasses during the reception to show a different side of you, or consider trying hazel contact lenses for a subtle yet enchanting change in your look.

Let Down Your Hair

Many brides with long hair wear it in an updo during the wedding ceremony, which looks chic and modern. Ask a professional hairdresser for ideas or consider hiring them to come to your house on the morning of the big day to style your hair.

After the ceremony ends, change your look by letting down the swept-up hair and enjoying the waves that naturally formed over the last few hours. Add a sweet butterfly hair clip, and you’re ready to enter the reception area!

Hold Up the Train

If you choose a wedding dress with a long train, it will no doubt look amazing as you walk down the aisle. When you get the dress altered, ask the tailor to add small buttons on the back of the dress to hold up the train during the reception.

Not only will the bustle create a new look for the dress, but you will also be able to walk easier without the extra fabric hanging down. Plus, this extra feature is usually a lot less expensive than buying a second dress to wear at the reception. Ask your mother-in-law to help you with the transformation as a way to bond on the special day.

Change Your Shoes

Another style choice is to take off the heels that you had on at the wedding ceremony and replace them with a more casual pair. Perhaps you choose new white sneakers, for example, for a fun look.

To make sure that the shoes don’t get misplaced during the busy day, ask one of your bridesmaids to store the pair underneath your seat at the head table. Then you can easily change shoes when you arrive there.

Add More Makeup

If you want a soft look for the nuptials, consider creating a glamorous evening look for afterward. Perhaps you add a darker eyeshadow or put on eyeliner.

Now is also the time to remove any false eyelashes if you find that your eyes are watering from them or if they feel uncomfortable. You might even swap out the pink lipstick you wore earlier in the day for a bright shade of red.

When It’s Your Wedding Day

Surprise your guests and future husband on the important day by changing your look between the ceremony and the reception. You will look amazing in the two different styles, and you can look back on the day knowing that you had that extra surprise up your sleeve.

Remember to take time for yourself at the start of the day, as it will be a busy time ahead. Enjoy the special memories to come as you start a new life together with your sweetheart!

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