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REAL WEDDING: Rustic Chic, Wine and Pizza Themed Fall Wedding in Long Island | Silver Fox

Today’s wedding features a wedding theme that is after my own heart! This couple decided to have a pizza theme for their wedding, yep I know amazing right! Their fall wedding had a little bit of rustic mixed with the most amazing cinnamon and moscato color combination that I’ve seen. Check it below!

Gina and Christopher

Tell us about your wedding: Our wedding was in our favorite area, the beautiful farm and winery studded North Fork of Long Island. We were beyond happy to have the wedding during the fall, our favorite time of year. In the decor and colors we were able to represent some fall themes. Our wedding was rustic chic, and oddly enough – PIZZA THEMED! This location was beautiful, and we appreciated the more laid back, one wedding style of the day- farm different from many Long Island style venues and weddings. Our wedding featured a lot of different live music, as I am a musician, and we had a ceremony that we wrote completely with our officiant.

Wedding Colors: Our girls wore a unique color called Cinnamon Rose… And I wore a Moscato color… we used a lot of greens and wine colors in our flowers

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How did the two of you meet? I have known my husband since we were about 10, and our families have known each other and been connected since the 70’s. As we got older I started doing community theatre with his mom and sister (his mom is also named Gina, we have a lot of weird similarities). We went to HS together and has best friends in common, as well as family friends… yet… we avoided each other until senior year of HS when we had many classes together. We became close friends, and all our friends we were already closed to formed a small close friend group. We were so different… yet fell involve and secretly started dating each other. At our HS graduation we sat next to each other. When everyone threw their caps up in the area, we kissed, exposing our relationship to all our friends and family. We have been together ever since. 

Describe your engagement: Tiring. We wanted to elope and keep things simple. However I come from a huge Italian family who forced us to have a big Long Island Wedding. We did have a ton of fun exploring venues, vendors…we made it fun together!

Personal or handmade details: We helped write the ceremony, as a well as an entire speech read at the ceremony by my godfather. The speech was about the connection between a good marriage, and a good pizza. Our homemade vows were perfect, because they came right from the heart. Our ‘sign in’ board was a giant Pizza Paddle, and we had a groomsmen cake that was in the shape of a pizza! Don’t forget the pizza socks, my cowboy boots, and our photos down the isle that represented different stages of our lives- with the first isle being photos of our baby pictures and the last isle being our engagement shoot photos.

Describe your flowers:GORGEOUS, WHIMSICAL but still chic and put together. We used a lot of greenery and incorporated the wine color flowers to match the venue, and sporadic use or straw and dryer flowers to the in the fall theme.

Memories and Stories about the Day: The morning was HECTIC and stressful. I was having major anxiety, literally up until the second they opened up the wooden gates at the ceremony. The second I saw Chris I completely calmed down. I was so incredibly happy that my best friend, the person I literally grew up with was standing there celebrating the next phase of ‘us’. After the ceremony we ran away to be alone. We celebrated our new marriage by taking time to ourselves to reflect, and meditate together. We have come so far, and we are so proud of ‘us’. I remember during our first dance I LITERALLY forgot there were 200 people staring at us. I saw no one but him, and we just cried together. Its hard for people to understand our relationship and to get our closeness. But we have been each others support, rock, stability for 9 years. This moment was huge for us. OUR OTHER favorite memory was the last half hour of the wedding our amazing band brought out all of our favorite hard rock/metal/alternative rock music that we knew couldn’t be played the beginning our wedding. We turned the dance floor into a semi rock concert and it was electric. My uncles Pizza And Marriage reading was pretty epic at the ceremony. It stole the show! After the wedding, so many people told us how our love for each other, positivity, and overall good vibes was completely contagious. WE wanted people to feel good and get to know our love even more, and Im proud to say we did that! 

Your first dance song: An acoustic version of “With Me” by Sum 41 … however we also danced to our other favorite song, since its the song Chris tried to learn and play for me on guitar our first year together, Adam Sandlers, Grow Old With You ( The Wedding Singer)

The thing that we would have done differently is? Everything happened the way it was suppose to. I do not have many regrets. Yes, we could have eloped and been just as happy, but this was not going to happen with our family. Actually next time I would have gone STRAIGHT to the CURVY BRIDE in NJ… no reason to go to other stores that don’t carry my size.

Your advice for other plus size brides: THIS INDUSTRY, FOR WHATEVER REASON, IS AFRAID OF YOU… They are afraid to show that women who don’t fit a physical mold can obtain happiness, wedding bliss, and all together healthy relationships without all the other things people push on brides to buy or BE for their big day. It is all BS. LOVE YOURSELF. SHOW YOURSELF OFF. Your partner chose YOU! be the damn princess you are on your big day. Literally the only thing being plus size effects on your big day is finding the dress, and trying not to get too made when you can’t find photos of models in wedding dresses that represent you.

Three adjectives that describe the day: ELECTRIC BEAUTIFUL. ROMANTIC

What has surprised you most during the first few months of marriage? I have been with my partner for a while and lived with him prior to the wedding.. so Im not surprised by much. Only that theres a ‘wedding air/excitement’ that still sticks with you for a bit

Photography: Silver Fox | Bridal Attire: Essence of Australia from The Curvy Bride | Bridesmaid Attire: Jenny YOO from Bridal Reflections | Groom and Groomsmen Attire: Vera Wang | Bakery: A Cake In Time | Wedding Favors: A Cake In Time [take home wedding cake, and we added the famous Manhattan Specials drink to the bag] | Makeup Artist: Corinna Cafarelli | Transportation: Cruise Control Limousine | Band: Peat Moss And The Fertilizers  | Officiant: Unique Ceremonies by Lauren |

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