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You’ve spent a year in wedded bliss with your new hubby, basking in the glow of being newlyweds. To commemorate this special one-year anniversary occasion, many couples opt to take special photos. We consulted some photographers whose work we featured over the past few months to give us some advice on how to create the perfect one-year anniversary shoot.

Ade Oshodi of Ade & Gina Photography wants newlyweds to remember to be true to themselves. Oshodi hopes to find clients with a similar mindset, saying “humans tend to gravitate to people who are like them.”



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Ade & Gina prefer dressier shoots because they believe “what’s casually cool in 2015 may not be so casually cool in 2045 and photographs do last forever.” Getting dressed up assures your husband and you won’t look like a living time capsule in 30 years.

For anniversary shoots, think opulent hotel lobbies, museums and cigar bars, or perhaps city skylines. Oshodi mentioned for those wishing to celebrate their anniversary to look for “places that have texture, columns, pillars, detailed architecture, art work and so forth.”

Gema Duran of Photography by Gema mentioned that with more and more people relying on cell phones, hiring a professional for special events, particularly anniversary sessions is a must.



Real Wedding | Classic Cream and Pink Country Club Wedding | Photography by Gema

“Couples should handle the session as a small version of their wedding day without the guests, so formal attire with all the bells and whistles would make the session even more special,” she said.

Duran’s ideas for your special anniversary shoot include wearing a cocktail dress and shooting at your favorite downtown spot or donning a long formal gown for a night at the opera. Husbands and wives can also go fun and retro, taking photos at the carnival or perhaps go for a boho feel at the beach or go rustic at a local national park.

“I always tell couples to choose a setting that fits them the best and to have fun with it,” Duran added.

Rebecca Ford Soren of Ford Family Photography loves to make sure she knows the couples she takes photos of and what they have in mind for capturing their own unique story.

“Some of our sessions are for 50th year celebrations and they want their family around them,” she said. “Younger couples may still have a romantic flair or want something adventurous to signify their new beginnings.”


{Engagement} Family Wedding Engagement Session |Ford Family Photography

Soren is a fan of keeping the experience personal and simple, but never thinks twice about trying new and unique things.

As far as prices for these types of anniversary shoots, Oshodi charges $400 for two hours, but keep in mind that number varies across the country and for each individual photographer.








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