REAL WEDDING // Bohemian Canadian Wedding With Jewel Tones and Mountains // Kaylo Isomura // Pretty Pear Bride

PLANNING | Meaningful Gift Planning for the Modern Wedding

REAL WEDDING // Bohemian Canadian Wedding With Jewel Tones and Mountains // Kaylo Isomura // Pretty Pear Bride
Bohemian Canadian Wedding With Jewel Tones and Mountains // Kaylo Isomura //

As time goes on and on, a set of oven mitts and bath towels are becoming outdated wedding gifts. On the other hand, money is always appreciated, but it is quite meaningless. 

If you are stuck in the middle between wanting to give the newlywed couple something meaningful, yet modern, there are plenty of ideas that you can use. The list ranges from an engraved wallet to personalized gift baskets or british tea sets. Below are a few ideas that the new couple will love and actually want to keep.

Engraved Wallet

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Now that the couple is married and ready to start their family together, whether it is a family with kids or dogs, money is going to be extremely important to keep track of. Why not give the couple a personalized wallet with their initials or something of value to them engraved onto the front of it? 

Milestone Wine Bottles

For the couple that always seems to be having drinks, milestone wine bottles are the perfect gift. Get some of their favorite wine and print-out wine labels that say things that would be important milestones. Examples could be “First Anniversary,” “First Christmas,” “First Fight,” or “First Valentine’s Day.” Etsy has plenty of waterproof wine labels you can buy for inexpensive prices, or you can make the labels yourself. Just make sure to choose the appropriate wine for the occasion carefully.

Personalized Gift Baskets

Most of the time, couples will have a wedding registry search set up with practical things they need for their new life together. Take something off the registry, and make a basket with things they could use with it. For example, if they wanted a Keurig, get the coffee maker, but also get K-cups, matching mugs, and high-quality coffee beans. 

If you are dealing with an adventurous couple, you could make them a travel basket, with matching custom beach towels, sunscreen, a beach bag, and beach snacks. Date night interhampers are also popular. You could fill a date night basket with a soft personalized blanket, a candle or two, a few bottles of wine, and some of their favorite snacks.

A Framed Invitation

This gift is incredibly easy, yet is incredibly sentimental for the couple. Copy the invitation and enlarge it big enough to fit in a decently sized frame. The newlyweds will be sure to hang this gift up somewhere in their home, and you did not have to spend too much time or money on the present. Just be sure to get a higher quality frame that can survive for years.

Personalized Lyric Canvas

If the newlyweds are music junkies and are always jamming out with each other, a lyric canvas with some of their favorite song lyrics engraved on it is a great gift. If you are not so sure about what their favorite songs are, love song lyrics can work, or bible verses, their vows (if you can get them beforehand), or their first dance song (again, if you know it before the big day). 

Cutting Board Engraved with Recipe

Family members love giving this gift because it is relatively easy. Get a favorite recipe from Grandma or someone that loves the couple only a little more than they enjoy cooking, and print it onto a cutting board. If the recipe is coming from someone very close to the couple, try getting it in their handwriting, but either way, the couple will be sure to love their gift.

Customized Memory Box

If the couple is the type of people to always be going to concerts, festivals, sporting events, movies, musicals, or anything along those lines, a memory box is a perfect gift. Put a cute saying on the top with their names and the date they were married, and they can put all of their tickets and souvenirs into their new memory box. 

Portable Hammock

For couples always on the go, a portable hammock is a great gift. They will be able to use it on all of their adventures and make memories with it, all while being comfortable while sleeping. You can get one big hammock for the two to share, or two matching smaller, individual hammocks. No matter which you decide to do, the pair will love their new hammocks.

Personal Watercolor Print

If you are artsy or know someone artsy, this is an excellent idea for you. Draw an outline of the state or country the wedding was in, and watercolor paint the inside of it. Then write their names, the date, and an important quote beneath the painting in a calligraphy typewriting, and the newlyweds will have a perfect decoration to hang up when they get home. 

While wedding registries still exist, sometimes it can be kind of fun to get a new couple something they will still enjoy, but no one else would ever think to give them. Meaningful, modern gifts for a meaningful, modern wedding will always go well together.

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