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Amazing Entertainments That Will Elevate Your Wedding

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If you want a wedding that will not only wow your guests but lives on in their memories then you need to read the inventive and original entertainment suggestions below. 

Hire a limbo pole 

Dancing is a given at a wedding, but why not liven things up a bit with some added challenges. One that can be particularly effective and hilariously fun is installing a limbo stick on the dance floor. Yes, that’s right your guest will get to show off their flexibility and rhythm, which is sure to keep everyone rocking till the break of dawn! 

Don’t be surprised if an impromptu limbo competition breaks out either! Just make sure that you brief your photographer as you won’t want to miss those amazing candid shots that this can produce! 

DIY treats

Another great form of entertainment to offer at your wedding is delicious sweet treats that guests get to interact with. At the most basic level, a sweet bar can serve this purpose, as guests can select their own pick and mix throughout the night. 

However, if you are looking for something even more original, what about hiring fire pits outdoors and providing guests with the ingredients to make s’mores? Another option, especially for a Christmas wedding is to have a gingerbread man baked for each guest and then supply tubes of icing and sweets so they can decorate them. These last two ideas are even able to double as fun party favors! 

Tarot/ fortune telling 

A must for all witchy brides, having a tarot reader or a fortune teller can be a lot of fun. Also depending on your wedding, you may wish to have them walk around and offer readings to your guests, or you could have a tent or both, that guests could visit when they choose. 

Ice Luge

If you are looking for entertainment that will get the party started, an ice luge is the way to go. Combining ice sculpture, and a novel way to imbibe alcohol, an ice luge can be a very fun way to get your guests in the party mood. 

Critical decisions to make when it comes to your ice luge is what form it should take, and what alcohol it should serve. Concerning the form, choosing a fun shape that fits with your wedding theme, or holds special significance for you as a couple is a nice way to personalize things. 

When it comes to alcohol, there is a whole range of options, but the most popular are spirits such as vodka, and brandy. Although it’s worth noting that a luge will encourage people to drink so if you absolutely don’t want your celebration to get messy at the end, it may be best to go for an ice sculpture only. 

Book an appearance from a mascot 

Perhaps you and your other half met at a baseball game, or you are die-hard fans of the NBA which may be mentioned on sites like satta king? Well, whatever sport is central to your lives, inviting a mascot to come and celebrate your wedding can be a whole heap of fun! 

Indeed, the great thing about mascots is they are brilliant at hyping up a crowd and creating a fun atmosphere. Of course, having your team’s mascot there also makes for ideal photo opportunities! 

Photo booth

While we are on the subject of photos, another great entertainment for your wedding reception is a photo booth, especially when you combine them with additional elements like the mascot suggestion above, props, or even fancy dress! You can even spice things up with booths that make gifs that you can keep on using after your big day!  

Wedding Piñata

Piñatas have long been a stalwart of Mexican celebrations of all kinds, and whether you have a link to that neck of the woods or not, they can make wonderful entertainment for your wedding reception.

Piñatas are so popular for several reasons, the first is they tend to be filled with candy so kids and tipsy guests will be delighted when they finally explode. Next, they are a great way of bringing everyone together to focus on one thing. Even those that don’t want to have a go with the stick themselves, can watch and join in the fun. Last, of all, Piñatas can be customized to your wedding theme, so you can get something unique and individual for your special day. 

Circus performers 

If you are looking for a way to keep your guests entertained, hiring circus performers is sure to wow! Imagine how much of a party atmosphere you can keep going with fire breathers, or acrobats. Currently very popular are aerial performers, people that do amazing choreographed routines while suspended high above the floor on long silks. 

You are free to choose the time when your circus performers will do their show, but along side cocktail hour is ideal, as it will keep everyone entertained and in the party spirit before they sit down to eat. 

Hire a drag queen 

Everybody loves a sassy drag queen, and having one at your wedding can be a real hoot! They are a multi-talented bunch too, offering all sorts of performances from stand-up, to lip-synching your favorite tracks. You could even ask them to cover ‘your song’ as a great surprise for your partner. 

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Although, be warned! Due to the popularity of certain queens from shows like Rupaul’s drag race, you may be better off hiring a local, less famous name. If you want to keep your budget in check! 

Host a silent disco

Last, of all, we have one of the most enjoyable entertainments: a silent disco! Now you are probably wondering what the difference between a silent disco and a regular one is? Well, the answer is that instead of having powerful speakers at your venue, each guest is given a pair of over-ear headphones. 

Yes, that’s right everyone gets to bop about to your favorite tunes without creating any noise issues for your venue. Not to mention the hilarious and surreal experience available when you take off your headphones, only to be greeted with a room full of guests seemingly gyrating to silence!  

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