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{Wedding Tip Thursday} Top Plus Size Bridal Trends for Bridal Wear


Bridal trends come and go.  One year something is totally hot, and then it’s gone…just like your Mom’s 1984 wedding dress – puffy sleeves were totally in, and now they are just a laughing stock, (although if you decide to have an 80’s themed wedding, puffy sleeves and all, please be sure to let me know!  That would be priceless).  Bridal trends are to be seen, you can’t really explain them, they just happen, you see them, you Pin them and then you either implement them or just drool over them. For that reason this {Wedding Tip Thursday} I leave you with a pictorial of the hottest bridal trends for your bridal wear:

Colored Shoes that POP!

Colored Shoes that POP! Photo by Digna Toledo


Bird Cage Veils

Bird Cage Viel, Photo by David Abel Photography


The back of your dress is just as important as the front!

Roz la Kelin’s Glamour Plus Collection


Shoes are meant to be Comfortable

Converse For Comfort, Photo by Bethany May


Tattoos and Tea length

Tattoos and Tea Length! Etsy Shop: BridalBlissDesigns


Headbands instead of Veils

Head Bands Instead of Viels, Photo by Charlene Morton Photography


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