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PLANNING | Making Your Wedding The Party Of The Year

Making your wedding the party of the year might sound like a huge challenge, but this post is going to give you a few different ideas on how you can achieve it. If you want your loved ones to talk about your wedding day for years to come, read on!

Make Sure You’ve Chosen The Perfect Venue

The first thing you want to do if your heart is set on making your wedding the party of the year, is find the perfect venue. It’s one of the first things that most couples do anyway, to ensure they get their chosen date.

You have so many different choices for your venue, but it’s down to your preferences as a couple, as well as what the venue will allow. If you find a great venue but they only allow a small number of guests and your party will need to be done at a certain time, then it probably isn’t the best place. Make sure you speak with the owners so you can be sure it can accommodate the vision you have for your wedding party. Looking at wedding marquees could also be a good idea, but you’ll have to bear in mind that you will have more planning to do. That being said, there won’t be any restrictions, so you can party the night away!

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Keep The Ceremony Short

You want to keep your guest’s attention throughout the day, so keeping the ceremony short is important. Let’s face it; it’s the important bit, but it’s boring. If you make it too long, people are going to feel like napping and not much like partying.

Take The Time To Greet Each Guest

Make sure you take the time to greet each guest. You won’t be able to start your party shenanigans as soon, but each of your guests will feel valued and it’ll put them in a good mood for later!

Hire An Amazing DJ or Band

The DJ or band is going to make a huge difference to your wedding day. If you hire a DJ, make a list of the sort of songs you’d like, making sure there’s something for everyone. You might even like to get guests to suggest a song each for you to ask to be put on the playlist! If you hire a band, this will get live music lovers up and partying. Getting a local toilet hire also comes in handy when you’re hosting a big wedding.

Have A Confetti Drop

At some point during the night, a confetti drop is really going to signal party time! Maybe you could have it after you and your partner have had the first dance.


Choreograph A Dance

This isn’t really a new way to celebrate, but it still allows you and your partner to get creative. You’ll also make sure you’re still holding your audience’s attention as they marvel over your carefully choreographed moves.

Have Lounge Seating For Later On In The Night

Later on in the night, people might need a rest. Lounge seating is perfect. Your guests can chill out and enjoy a drink, keeping the party atmosphere going strong into the wee hours!

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