PLANNING | 4 Great Ideas For A More Unique Wedding

Your wedding is obviously a matter of taste, but I’m sure you don’t want to have another forgettable, cookie cutter wedding. You’re never going to get another shot at this ceremony, so why not go the extra mile and really make your big day stand out? Here are four great ideas for a more unique and memorable wedding

Reception Lounge



With a lot of template weddings, when guests are taking a break from dancing or are simply giving it a miss, it can get pretty boring to simply sit at a table and watch the happy couple. Make it easier for them to mingle with a comfy lounge area at your reception. Rent out a few cushy chairs and sofas, with plenty of throw cushions that they can sink back on. This is a great way to keep everyone in the mood, even when they want to take a break. If you really want to wow the people you’re inviting, separate the area from the main space with some curtains to give it a lavish VIP feeling.

Guest Transport


If your ceremony and reception are going to take place in two different locations, don’t just wave them away to their cars. Instead, add a little more fun to the journey by renting out some impressive luxury transportation. Horse-drawn carriages will add a potent dose of fairytale prestige to the ceremony, or you could get quirky with nostalgic yellow school buses or black London cabs. Some couples, when they’ve had the budget, have even rented hot air balloons and taken their guests sailing across the sky!

Photo Booths

Glasses Fun Party Girls Wedding Photo Booth

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There’s no better way to preserve happy memories than with photos. Obviously, you’ll have a photographer taking shots of the ceremony and reception through the big day. Why not give your guests one more way to capture the memory with a photo booth at the reception? Constant selfies can ruin the mood, but a subtle, aesthetically pleasing photo booth from a company like Booth Boy will add another unique feature to your big day, and give you and your guests a lot of potent mementos that will last and last. When the champagne starts to run low and the dance moves get sloppy, it may be worth moving it somewhere safe! Liking this photo booth idea? You could look into a photo booth hire Birmingham for more information, or look for a photo hire place more local to you.

Practical Favours


You’ll probably have a lot of guests coming from out of town, so try to keep them comfortable for their whole stay with some practical gifts. They’ll appreciate little scented soaps so they don’t have to lean on the bland hotel ones. If you’re having an outdoor or partially outdoor reception that might get breezy, make sure your guests can stay warm by putting out a basket of toasty pashminas. If you’re having a heatwave, some little bottles of spray-on sunscreen will be greatly appreciated. If your family and guests like to party a little harder than most, give out some little hangover kits with painkillers and sleeping masks. If your guest favours actually do something, they’ll be a cut above the standard ideas!

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Shafonne Myers is a certified wedding and event planner who longed for bridal inspiration that looked like her. She has created a website and magazine that brings bridal inspiration to plus size brides. She does speaking engagements educating the world about plus size brides and self confidence.