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Hints to Give Your Partner About Engagement (Without Being Pushy)

ENGAGEMENT | Mexico Beach Engagement Session | Monica Lopez Photography | Pretty Pear Bride
ENGAGEMENT | Mexico Beach Engagement Session | Monica Lopez Photography

There are signs in life that push you towards the next phase of your life as a couple. You might be opening up a joint account or moving in together. But if you haven’t got engaged yet and everything feels right, you may feel that you want to just come right out and tell him. But this as we all know, this can easily put them into a panic. So how can we drop the hint without putting pressure on them and making it seem like we are pushy?

Little Hints About the Ring

The perfect opportunity to talk about the ring is when a friend gets engaged. You can make an offer and comment about how stunning you think the ring is. But also, you may want to focus on how good a job the fiance did. Or even ask the fiance about where the ring came from in front of your partner. Sometimes, this doesn’t get the message across, but you can check out this guide at London Gold for men just add an extra layer of inspiration to the situation!

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Create a Pinterest Board

Taking to social media and creating a few boards on Pinterest and Instagram is likely to make them sit up and take notice. Of course, you may need to give it time. If they’re someone who isn’t so social media savvy, they may not notice.

Tell Him How You Feel

Don’t ask him to propose but instead talk to him about how much you love him and how happy you are together. Some people feel that in order to make the message loud and clear that they give an ultimatum. This is an absolute no-no. And while you may want to tell him how you’d like to be engaged by the end of the year it’s important to give him space. Tell him how you feel and make sure that he feels secure in the relationship. Pressure is only going to set off alarm bells and he may think if he’s feeling pressured now, how will he feel in the buildup to the wedding?

Don’t Wait for Him!

It’s such a cliche that we have to wait for them to propose to us. There are so many people out there that have taken matters into their own hands. It would be a good idea for you to speak to some of his friends just to see how he feels about being proposed to. Some men do not like the idea so much but you can put out a few feelers to his friends to see how he is feeling about you, but also remember to trust your instincts. We can spend so long worrying about the right moment or sitting there impatiently for them to get the hint that taking matters into your own hands is the perfect choice. We don’t have to be bound by tradition.

We have to remember that when it comes to dropping hints this is sometimes a little old-fashioned. And yes, while some people are old-fashioned when it comes to marriage and proposals, there are always ways around the situation.

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