ENGAGEMENT | Mexico Beach Engagement Session | Monica Lopez Photography

Today’s engagement session features a couple that were high school sweethearts that decided to do a surprise engagement session while they were on vacation in Mexico.  And must I say that this beach is the prettiest that I’ve seen. AMAZING! Check it out below!


Arden & Zack

Tell us about your engagement session: We decided to take our photos while on vacation in Mexico, we were already engaged but decided to have a surprise vacation announcement. Our photos were taken on Playa Norte in Isla Mujeres a tiny beautiful island in the Gulf of Mexico. It’s easily the prettiest place I’ve ever been. We wanted something sweet but casual, and I wanted to sneak in some little mermaid vibes!
Tell us about your first meeting: We actually high school sweethearts! We’ve been together for about seven years.
Tell us about the proposal: We had talked about getting married for a long time. So on our last dating anniversary we mutually decided “hey let’s do this for real!”. It’s not the surprise proposal that many people dream of, but it suited us perfectly.
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