PLANNING | Bright Lights, Big City: Planning A Bachelorette In NYC

So you’re the lucky maid of honor, in charge of planning a bachelorette for the lucky bride. Or, perhaps it’s you that’s getting hitched, and you’re after some quality time with your besties before you say “I do”. There’s always a great excuse to book your flights, pack up your weekend bags, and head to NYC; so why not make it your next port of call? As soon as you set foot in the big city, you and your travel companions will have an endless list of things to choose from regarding food, sights, culture, and entertainment. Therefore, it’s always a smart choice to put your planning hats on beforehand, and do your best to write up an itinerary.

You’ll probably have some things in mind regarding fun games and photo opportunities, but it’s a smart choice to book what you can as soon as you can so that you can avoid disappointment. There’s plenty of places and venues to relax as a group, or party the night away, so doing a little research now will ensure that your bride-to-be and the rest of the bachelorette travel squad, will have a trip of a lifetime. The following are some ideas, inspiration, and advice for those who want to head to NYC to celebrate an upcoming wedding.

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Get Your Tickets!

The two main things to consider with any sort of celebration or bachelorette party is getting there and having a great time. Therefore, make sure that these a priority for everyone, and people have given you the means and money to book what’s needed. You’ll need to pay for travel costs and ensure that you’re able to get everywhere with good time to spare; this will help the rest of your adventure run smoothly. Once you’ve sorted out your plane, train, or automobile; it’s time to think about what you guys are going to get up to when you’re there. Don’t leave it until you’re in the city; there’s simply too much choice. Make a list, agree it with the rest of the travel group, and book.

Whether you think a trip to see Kinky Boots is the perfect activity for the soon-to-be Mrs, or you think she’ll prefer a night of drinks and dancing; make sure you book everything online beforehand. Tickets to theaters and shows are easily accessed, and if you book in good time; you’ll grab some great seats. If there’s a particular bar or club that you think would make the ideal night out, it’s worth contacting them to see if you’re able to book a booth, table, or area at the bar. You’ll be able to avoid any queues or disappointment, and you’ll all have a base so that nobody will get lost in larger establishments. Often, places will let you pay in advance; this is another great way to ensure that the trip is paid for, and all travelers have enough cash to spend on the fun stuff (you’re all coming home with I heart NY tees).

Don’t Forget To Eat!

Much like your entertainment options; there’ll be too much to choose from regarding where you guys are going to grab brunch and dinner. You’ll need to figure out what district you’ll be in and when you’ll be there so that you can look into your best options for Instagrammable pancakes, acai bowls, and, of course, pizza. There’ll be plenty of late night options when it comes to your food, so don’t worry about getting out of a club, bar, or show late; you’re in the right city. Take a look at 50 awesome late night restaurants in NYC and begin discussing where you’re going to head when you’re feeling peckish.

You might not make breakfast (late nights and all), but brunch and lunch will be an essential part of your day; you can fill up, catch up, and laugh over your eggs and coffee. Bluestone Collective Cafe, Grand Army, and ABCV are all making it on to people’s social media recently, and with glowing reviews, so they’re worth checking out. Try to think about your timing, as many are walk-in only, and if they’re internet famous; they’ll be heaving with fellow hungry people.

Sleep (just a little)

Now, sleep will be the last thing you think of, especially in a city that never does. However, it’s worth looking into accommodation early on so that you’ll have somewhere in a great location, and a place to take an all important disco-nap. Airbnb is always a great shout; you’ll be able to grab something affordable that can house a large group of people. But, again, the best places get booked up, so make it a priority (there’s a theme to this post isn’t there?).