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WEDDING TIP THURSDAY | Picking Out the Perfect Diamond

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Picking out the perfect engagement ring is often a daunting task. We consulted Diamond Advisors to help us out with some advice.

The most often thought of diamond shape is round, but there are in fact many different shapes of diamonds. We’ll start with this round shape and go from there.

The most popular diamond shape right now is round. For hundreds of years, this cut has maximized the fire and brilliance of diamonds. Diamond Advisors recommends selecting a higher grade within the 4C scale (cut, color, clarity and carat).

Asscher Cut
Diamonds that have this cut are often mistaken as emeralds, as they look very similar. It’s easy to remember this bit of info though—emeralds are cut in a rectangular shape and diamonds are square-shaped.

Radiant Cut
This cut is perfect for anyone who wants a unique engagement ring. Corners of this ring are trimmed differently, making for a unique touch.

Cushion Cut
This cut is considered timeless and is often nicknamed the pillow cut diamond. The clarity of this diamond is incomparable, and is often an attribute to large facets and round corners.

Emerald Cut
A different appearance happens with emerald cut diamonds. This is because in the diamond’s pavilion there are often rectangular facets that are cut into it—how interesting!

Marquise Cut
Marquise Cut diamonds are a great cut for emphasizing the size of the diamond while maximizing carat weight. It is said to make hands and fingers look longer and thinner—hmm, we’ll take one please!

Pear Shaped
Pear shaped diamonds have a gorgeous teardrop style that resembles a pear. Diamond Advisors calls it a unique combination of marquise and round cuts.

Oval Cut
Diamonds with an oval cut have a classic, traditional feel with a modern aspect. It’s on many different types of jewelry, in particular engagement rings.

Princess Cut
This diamond is available in two different shapes—square and rectangle. The great thing about the princess cut is that it gives off a gorgeous color, not only in the middle like other cuts but in the corners as well.

If you’d like to customize your ring with the Diamond Advisors, you can read more about that process here.

In the meantime, we included this handy infographic to bring with you when you go ring shopping.

What’s your favorite cut?






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