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As if dress shopping isn’t hard enough, looking for the perfect wedding dress, making sure it looks amazing on you, and that you feel comfortable in it. Sometimes wedding and engagement ring shopping can be just as frustrating for a plus-size woman (or man for that matter!). Luckily, there’s a company, My Trio Rings that sells absolutely gorgeous wedding and engagement rings made specifically for plus-size men and women.

My Trio Rings has you covered with the extensive selection of plus size wedding ring collection. They are actually the first jeweler to create a plus-size wedding ring collection dedicated to plus-size men and woman. Get started with the rings and plus size wedding rings.  They carry women’s sizes up to 18 and men’s sizes up to a 20. There are absolutely no custom design mark-ups, much like other jewelers.

My Trio Rings also doesn’t stretch or size up smaller rings to make them fit, like other jewelers. There are more diamonds in proportion to ring size, which means more sparkle, more strength and a comfier fit. Learn more about what went into creating this spectacular line here. There are no-fee layaways, the chance to try rings on before committing to a piece of jewelry and same-sex wedding ring sets too.

Plus it’s pretty interesting to compare in store ring sizes when you look at My Trio Rings compared to other jewelry brands. Other brands just don’t compare when it comes to having larger sizes available.

Well it definitely seems like My Trio Rings is an amazing choice for plus size brides and grooms. But don’t just take our opinion, check out real reviews on these amazing rings here.   And start exploring their collection

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Kate is a wedding blogger, writing for blogs like The Big Fat Indian Wedding and formerly United With Love. Kate is a regular freelance writer for many other publications including Brides Magazine’s digital department, the Washington Diplomat and a local DC yoga studio. As a plus-sized woman herself, Kate was eager to work for Shafonne and contribute to Pretty Pear Bride as she loves the message of self-confidence throughout the blog.
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