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REAL WEDDING | Rustic Chic Red, Blue and Pink Outdoor Georgia Wedding | Valimont Photography

Today’s real wedding is beyond gorgeous,  one because it’ during one of my favorite times of year, fall. I absolutely love the fall, the temperatures are perfect for wearing super cute flannel monogrammed shirts and long sleeved wedding gowns.  I just love it so much! And two because come on this bride, bridesmaid and everyone involved look amazing; these red wrap bridesmaid dresses are fabulous!

Christian & Zach

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How did the two of you meet?​ Zach was working with Christians cousins husband, and her cousin had been wanting to set them up but She was 16 and he was 18 so christian wasn’t really interested, because of the age difference. Then a few days later, a week after Christian got her license, they set them up to meet not knowing each other we’re there. They’ve been inseparable ever since. Describe your engagement:​ Christian got in a bad car accident where she broke her back, Zach had planned to propose that week. Well they ended up being in the hospital for 8 days, so plans changed. A few weeks later Zach took Christian outside for her Daily walk in her wheelchair, took her to a large tree, and proposed right under it in her wheelchair. Describe your wedding flowers: Christian Had light pink and ivory roses with greenery and dark red berries. It was a traditional style bouquet it was just very full so it looked as if it was overflowing. Memories and Stories about the Day: My favorite part of the whole day was when all the guests and family went up to do the fake leaving and Zachary and I had the dance floor to ourselves and no one was watching us. We just danced and he spun me around and around. Your first dance song: I wanna be that song by Brett Eldredge The thing that we would have done differently is?  the only thing I can even think of is my dress was perfect at the store and everything but when I was walking in the grass I kept tripping over it and my dad and my husband had to help me grab it on the way in and out but it turned for some pretty cute pictures though! Our favorite detail of the wedding was: My boots and my husbands it made us so confident and comfortable Your advice for other plus size brides: whatever you decide to wear, make sure your 100% comfortable in it. I wasn’t completely comfortable with no sleeves so I added sleeves! Three adjectives that describe the day: Calming, Country, Perfect! What has surprised you most during the first few months of Marriage? I think the thing that’s really been different is just going somewhere and saying last name white or someone calling me mrs. white. 

Vendor Love: Photography:  Valimont Photography | Venue: McCrite’s Cottonwood Farm
| Bridal Salon:  J. Andrew | Bridal Gown Designer:  Allure Bridal, Style: 9162 | Bridesmaid Designer: Dressy | Wedding Planner: Alex Swinney | Florist: Cindy’s florist | Hair Stylist: Christa from Moxie | Makeup Artist: Kaitlyn at Moxie | Caterer:  Southern Pit | Cake:  Andi Brown at the Cookie Jar | Invitations & Calligraphy: Etsy | Jewelry: Kay jewelers | Officiate/ Minister: Matt Ammons

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