REAL WEDDING | Romantic Beach Wedding in California | Reflecting Grace Photography | Pretty Pear Bride

REAL WEDDING | Romantic Beach Wedding in California | Reflecting Grace Photography

Gabby and Kevin couldn’t be more perfect for each other and it shows! The beautiful couple call each other their soulmates and the “light of their lives.” They married at the Desert Falls Country Club in California. Fun fact: Gabby is obsessed with mermaids and starfish, so she incorporated a lot of that in her wedding. We love that! Enjoy this gorgeous, unique and wonderful wedding readers, we sure did!

Gabrielle + Kevin



From the Photographer: Gabby and Kevin couldn’t be more perfect for one another. They met through a dating app which led them straight to one another. After the first day, which ended with a long night of star gazing, they both knew they never wanted to part. For Gabby, the always helpful, doing “everything for everyone else” kind of gal, she wasn’t accustomed to someone catering to her needs. She met Kevin, and right away he filled her with a sense of love of herself that she hadn’t felt in some time. “We saw a new Gabby after she met Kevin,” her sister said during a tearful toast. “For once she was finally putting taking care of herself first and being treated with the love she deserves.” Kevin too, found Gabby as a light in his life. “She’s my best friend,” he said during their vows. “I know without a doubt Gabby is my soulmate, always here to love and care endlessly.”

Gabby and Kevin decided on a wedding at the lushly rolling green hills of the Desert Hills Country Club in Palm Desert, CA. Gabby loves the color green and wanted to weave it into all the elements of her day. She also has a mild obsession with mermaids and all things starfish-related! So she sought to bring her love of the ocean to the desert. They settled on a variety of green hues and a rich royal purple for their wedding colors. Take a peek and be enamored with their love for one another!

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From the Bride and Groom: We met through a dating app almost exactly two years ago in mid August. It is very fascinating that we met through a dating app considering I was very hesitant to use one and was talked into it by my younger sister who used the app frequently. I decided to give it a try and began swiping right and left on guys pictures. I stopped for a moment when I saw Kevin’s picture, he looked incredibly handsome and I was curious enough to then go ahead and check out his profile. It was a breath of fresh air to see his profile. He had in-depth information about himself and right off the bat seemed so genuine. Quickly after checking out his profile, he sent me a message. I responded immediately to his welcoming message and we began talking more and more over the course of that week. By the end of the week he asked me out to dinner and this would end up being the first time I had gone on a date with someone I didn’t previously know, so I was nervous. We ended up having an amazing dinner conversation followed by coffee and star gazing. Our initial date turned into a whole weekend. By the end of the first week we had declared our relationship. BRIDE: WHAT IS ONE OF YOUR FAVORITE MEMORIES OF KEVIN? It was our first real holiday together, Thanksgiving. I had to work half the day and in doing so I was not in the best mood. He picked me up at work and we were on our way to dinner with my family at my house. I opened the door to get out and dropped my phone right into the gutter severely cracking my phone screen, adding fuel to my fire. By this point I was very frustrated and angered and the thought of now spending Thanksgiving with my family was stressing me out (these people have no filter). All I could think about was what embarrassing story my parents were gonna tell him about me. I stayed in my room for a little while to try to calm down but it wasn’t working too well. Kevin came in an sat with me. He just rubbed my back and held my hand as I tried to calm down. He tried to make me laugh and kept telling me that everything was gonna be ok. After a while I was really starting to feel better and we joined the group for dinner. The fact that he put up with me acting the way I did and still came in and sat with me trying to make me feel better really opened my eyes to who he was as a person. I could not believe I found a man so patient and so kind. From then on I didn’t worry about the holidays with my family as much and actually began to enjoy them much more. GROOM: WHAT IS ONE OF YOUR FAVORITE MEMORIES OF GABBY? Well, I have one of many but the earliest ones that stand out is our first trip somewhere. We loved the show Psych, which was based out Santa Barbara, and really wanted to see that gorgeous place first hand. We stayed at a little hotel with a TV that didn’t work and flickering lights but honestly that just added to our trip. We explored and had lots of fun. It was when we went to the pier that we realized that none of this place was on the show. (Turns out that it’s filmed in Canada.) I don’t know, I really loved that trip because it was our first real time alone and away from everyone and everything and it helped bond us together. It was definitely one of those moments where I knew I can spend the rest of my life with someone. WHEN PUTTING YOUR WEDDING TOGETHER, WHAT ATMOSPHERE DID YOU WANT? We wanted to create a romantic, beach style for our wedding. We chose beach accents for our decor and really wanted to create that atmosphere of being near the beach. Our colors were chosen representing our favorite colors, plum for him and mint green for me. We thought they went together well and added to our beach summer atmosphere. We want our wedding to be simple yet elegant and have that cozy beach feel. HOW DID HE PROPOSE? Kevin made reservations for u at a fancy restaurant out in Riverside, The Mission Inn. During the month of December they deck it out in beautiful twinkly lights, attracting many tourists. We dressed up in fancy clothes and headed out one Saturday night in December and unfortunately never made it to the restaurant as we underestimated traffic. We decided to just turn around and find somewhere else to eat. At this point I was a little angry due to the fact that it was late and I had been waiting to eat. We finally found a place to eat and sat down and had a nice meal. When the meal was over we headed home. Little did I know, the groom had orchestrated a special surprise for me at home currently being put together by my younger sisters. When I walked into our apartment, I was so surprised to see candles lit everywhere with rose petals and flowers all over. There was a large picture frame of us on the table with wine and my favorite ice cream cake next to it. Before I could take it all in, I turned around and Kevin was down on one knee. He began his speech and pulled out the most beautiful ring I had ever seen. He asked me to marry him and before I could say yes my sister told me to wait for her to record it on her phone. I waited about a minute waiting for her to hit record before I finally jumped into his arms and said yes! WHAT IS THE #1 PIECE OF ADVICE YOU WOULD GIVE A BRIDE STARTING HER WEDDING PLANNING? Be organized and make a list early on about what is worth spending money on to you whether it be: flowers, the dress, the honeymoon, the location, etc. As you plan more and more you start to worry about what the guests will think and it’s important to refer back to your list about what you think is important, not what they will think. Also consider a destination wedding, cheaper and more intimate.

Vendor Love: Photographer:  Reflecting Grace Photography // Hair Stylist: Beauty Marked by B&C // Bridesmaid Dresses: Davids Bridal // Event Venue: Desert Falls Country Club // DJ: DJ Alex Updike // Cake Designer: Exquisite Desserts // Tuxedo and Mens Attire: Jazzuli Mens Clothing // Second Shooter:Marquet Jones//

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