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Claire and Taylor’s October wedding in Ann Arbor, Michigan was picture-perfect. The two incorporated their love of video games with self-professed “nerdy” classical music from video games. They also had a little Darth Vader hidden in their wedding cake. The weather seemed to change on the hour but the two lovebirds went with it and managed to have a wonderful day. Congratulations!

Claire & Taylor

Wedding Colors: Black, Cream, and Various Pinks Describe your wedding: A little spontaneous, we knew we always wanted to get married. I was about to leave on a business trip to Europe, he had planned to ask my Dad and buy a ring while I was gone but just couldn’t wait any longer. He asked me to marry him during an episode of Friends late on a Friday night. I was in pajamas with no makeup on after a hard day at work, so I’ve joked, if that’s the moment he chose I knew he must really love me! Personal or handmade details: Our wedding was “secretly” nerdy. We played classical music from video games and had a little Darth Vader hidden on the wedding cake – our friends were amused and our moms never noticed! Describe your flowers: Bold and romantic with pops of pink. Memories and Stories about the Day:
It was a very cloudy autumn day, and the weather forecast changed on the hour. The clouds gave us some amazing lighting for photos during the day, but it poured rain around the time the outdoor ceremony was supposed to take place. Even though we never rehearsed it, we did the ceremony indoors in the reception space on the dance floor, it was warm and intimate and felt amazing to be (literally) surrounded by all of our friends and family. My favorite moments were some of the things we didn’t plan for. One of my favorite photos of the bridal party happened when the photographer said to smile and my flower girl started belting out “jingle bells” at the top of her lungs, it caught everyone so off guard we were all laughing out loud. My Dad also turned 60 two days before our wedding and after the toasts the whole room sang him happy birthday. It was a day so filled with love and family, it’s all I could have ever asked for. Your first dance song: Love my Tender by Norah Jones The thing that we would have done differently is? Planned a little alone time, just one-on-one to spend with your spouse before the reception. While it’s amazing so many people came out to support us, I would have loved a moment to be together and tell him how much he means to me. Your advice for other plus size brides: Follow your heart. Every wedding and every bride is different. While weddings can be magical, the most important part of your marriage will be every day after the wedding. I had my share of wedding planning drama, and after all that – we had one amazing day. IT IS SO WORTH IT. I never once worried if my hair or make up was messed up, that my train might have gotten dirty, or even the insecurities I have about my size – I just love the feeling of being in love and when that’s what’s in your heart it ends up in your pictures. Three adjectives to describe your wedding: Fun, Romantic, Timeless What has surprised you most during the first few months of marriage? How great it feels being married. I thought there would be a big adjustment or we might feel a little different after the wedding. Nope! I know when we come home, being right there together is where we were meant to be.

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