plus size bride, destination wedding in italy

Pull Off Your Destination Wedding Without a Hitch

plus size bride, destination wedding in italy

Although you hope everything will go perfectly, there’s potential for something to go wrong with any wedding. If you decide to have a destination wedding, there could be an even greater risk that something doesn’t happen as it’s supposed to. While you can’t guarantee that everything will go perfectly, you can take some steps to help your wedding run smoothly and follow your plan as much as possible.

Hire a Local Wedding Planner

Planning a destination wedding is harder because you’re not in the same location as your wedding venue. It can be difficult to coordinate everything if you’re dealing with vendors in a different city or even country. Hiring a local wedding planner will help with this, making it easier to put everything in place before the big day.

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Take Your Essential Documents

If you’re getting married abroad, you’ll need to check the legality of the ceremony and what’s required to get married. You will often need to take important documents with you, such as your birth certificate, passport, evidence that you’re not already married, and other official items. It’s best to check and double-check that you have everything that you need.

Get Wedding Insurance

You can’t guarantee that nothing will go wrong with your wedding. With a destination wedding, it can be even more difficult. What if you are suddenly unable to make it to the destination or a natural disaster occurs? Wedding insurance will protect you in a range of situations so that you can have peace of mind while planning your wedding.

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