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PLANNING | Wedding Planning: The Things You Will Forget About!


It’s all underway! The invitations have been sent out, the venue has finally been sorted after endless backs and forths, and the general prep is underway, so is it time to sit back and relax for the next few months? Unfortunately, no. While the big issues are taken care of, you’d be forgiven for thinking that all the stress is out of the way. In reality, there are plenty of things to be done, and there might be things you weren’t even aware of. So, I hope you’re ready to make a list of some of the little things that have completely slipped your mind.

Sizing The Ring

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This is probably the largest of all the minor details because it will have a big impact on your day. You spent ages picking out the right ring, or if you’re doing the wedding on a tight timescale, you might have forgotten about getting the ring sized properly. Look at the impact it will have on the big moment when the ring goes on your finger, if it doesn’t fit, it will be an embarrassing moment at the ceremony while your partner tries to keep it on. Or if it’s too small and your partner spends time trying to squeeze the ring on. It could be a big hiccup. If you’ve been losing weight in preparation for the big day, it’s important to keep checking that it fits. And although it could take a little bit of the shine off on the day because you’ve worn it a few times already, it’s best to do this, especially as you’ll be wearing it for the rest of your life. Temperature can cause your fingers to swell, so be mindful of the time of year when you’re getting married. If you have any finger-related emergencies on the day, always remember that ice will reduce any sort of swelling!  

Is The Ring Exactly As You Want It?

No doubt you’ve spent a long time looking for that perfect ring, and you’re 110% sure that it’s the one, but is the ring exactly as you want it? You can always add to it if you’re unhappy with a minor detail, and you can enlist the help of diamond wholesalers to add to it, but beware, it can be difficult depending on the cut of the diamond. While it’s not helpful to be fickle with this type of purchase, people’s tastes do change. And you will know if the ring is the one for you, and even if it is 97% the one for you, you can make requests to see if it can be altered ever so slightly.

The Engagement Ring

While this part might be out of the way for you, it’s vital that you get your engagement ring cleaned. On the big day, you will be putting a brand new, perfectly sparkling wedding band on the same finger, and if the engagement ring hasn’t been cleaned to match, it will stick out like a sore thumb. It needs to go with your wedding band, and if you have another ring on that finger too, get that cleaned.


Preparing For The Weather

You can’t tell what the weather will do, but you can make a guesstimate based on the time of year on how to plan the day and everything else around it. Remember that comfort will have an impact on everyone’s enjoyment. If you’re marrying during a projected hot summer’s day and everyone is stifling wearing suits, and you’re in a heavy wedding dress, it could be very uncomfortable! The season will have a big effect on your day, whether it’s cold or hot, so you need to think if it’s worth having an outdoor wedding or keeping it all indoors. Plan for the temperature and the season, not just the day’s events.

Check For Dietary Requirements  

When it comes to food, there was a story of someone’s grandmother attending a traditional Indian wedding, and as she didn’t like the food (and never had done), she ended up feasting on a banquet of potato chips (which someone had to go out and buy). So, catering for taste is one thing to be aware of, but also check for the dietary requirements of your guests. Not just the vegetarians and vegans, who will not appreciate a salad during a winter wedding by the way, but also those that might be allergic to nuts, lactose, and gluten. If they can’t eat during the day, they’ll always remember that, and not only will it dampen your guest’s day, it’ll dampen yours too.

Always Order More Chairs

As a rule, you should get around twenty more chairs than there are people attending, and for a very simple reason, space. While people will be happy to sit down for their meal in close-ish quarters, they don’t want to sit next to each other all night, elbow to elbow. People need a bit of space to breathe, especially in a hot marquee.



Always Have A Back Up Plan

Things go wrong, it’s a fact. And you can panic that everything won’t go according to plan on the day, or you can have something in place should something go wrong. The big thing to prepare for is the weather, and people don’t like to pay extra for a rainy-day contingency plan, because it could be throwing money away, but it’s common sense to have something in place, especially if you are relying on everything coming from outside sources that you’ve had minimal contact with. The wedding band could get stuck in traffic or have a breakdown, so have an iPod pre-loaded with tunes ready to go so people can still have a dance. Always plan for an emergency as well as for everything going right, it’ll keep you calm on the day.


Spend Some Time With Each Other

Yes, with all the planning, it’s easy to forget about each other. You’re swamped in table dressing ideas and the little details that you might have forgotten about the person you’re marrying! Lavish weddings are the equivalent of preparing for the president to arrive, it is detail after detail, so it’s common to get bogged down in making your day special that you’ve actually forgotten temporarily about the person who will make it really special!

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