PLANNING | The Big Stresses Of Getting Married: Revealed

There is no denying it, the thought of getting married, the fairytale, is so different than the reality. Of course, the day itself is a dream come true. All of your hard work has paid off and you feel on top of the world finally making that commitment to the love of your life. Getting there can be a whole other story. Sometimes there is no point in beating around the bush and saying that you are going to love every minute of getting engaged and planning your wedding, there are stressful moments along the way.

Often preparation is the key, so if you are under the illusion that wedding planning is going to be plain sailing, then here are some of the common stresses every bride and groom to be can experience, and hopefully a few tips on how you can handle it and deal with it along the way.

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Getting the engagement ring and actually getting engaged

Would you believe that choosing an engagement ring and actually getting engaged can be a stressful moment of your getting married journey? It is true that so many people struggle to pop the unquestioned, because this is the first step on the journey to commitment. Choosing the ring can be a hard part, as you want to ensure that you get it right. From considering Tacori handcrafted engagement rings to using an heirloom in the family, it can be a tough decision to make. Luckily, for men and women planning on proposing to their significant other, there is no shortage of choices on rings, and there’s also tons of advice online on how to pick the perfect engagment ring; for instance, this post here: The other stresses come from deciding when you do it, where and what you are going to say? Make sure when it happens you both enjoy the moment.

Choosing the wedding venue

Once you are engaged you start to the planning process and it can be extremely exciting to start thinking about the type of wedding that you want. The big choice you have to make, and also one of the biggest stresses is choosing the wedding venue. This is the place that you potentially will hold your ceremony and reception, or one or the other, so you want to ensure it suits all of your requirements. To avoid it being too stressful make a note of some of the things that the venue has to have that are non negotiable. This could be an allowance for a maximum number of guests, a garden, be able to do the ceremony as well, or even have a specific colored wall if that’s your thing. The more specific you are, the easier it will be to narrow down your choices.

Picking a date

I guess you wouldn’t think that picking the day to get married can actually cause you stress, but again, it can be a big factor to think about. Not only do you want to think about the season you get married, but also things like logistics, school holidays and whether it works for you as a family. Also, summer months tend to be wedding high season which can then make the whole day more expensive, so there is also that factor to consider when planning your big day.

Finding the dress

One of the most enjoyable aspects of wedding planning is choosing the dress, but again this can be stressful if you don’t find the one you love after a few attempts. Many women have an idea of what they would like, but once they try on that specific style or vision, it sometimes doesn’t work out. A great tip is to try on every style of dress, even if you think it won’t suit you. You may end up surprising yourself and it actually being the one.

The guest list

The biggest stress of all, can be the hardest thing to organise and finalise, and that is the guest list. There are so many factors that are involved in putting the guest list together. You have the amount of people that you can invite in terms of your venue, the family versus the friends, and the people you have to invite to keep other people happy. It can be a minefield, especially when it comes to receiving back the RSVPs and putting together the seating plan. The thing to remember is that this is your day, so invite who you want to and ensure that you do it for you and your partner.

The last minute prep and issues

Finally, there is no denying that there can be last minutes stresses to endure. The weather not being as you thought it would be, guest snot being able to make it for one reason or another, and while this all feels too much at the time, remember that the day is coming, and you will have the best day.

Let’s hope this helps prepare you for your wedding planning journey.

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