PLANNING | Feeling Confident At Your Wedding – Simple Tips For You

ENGAGEMENT | Elegant Nautical Engagement Session in The Bahamas | Lyndah Wells Photography | Pretty Pear Bride
ENGAGEMENT | Elegant Nautical Engagement Session in The Bahamas | Lyndah Wells Photography | Pretty Pear Bride

A wedding is the day in which you’re supposed to feel your absolute best. Here is the love of your life willing and ready to tie their lives together with you, and your entire family are likely here to see it. You have found a beautiful dress or suit depending on your tastes, and you are extremely happy to see the beautiful venue as a backdrop for the declarations of love you are about to make.

However, only the most seasoned supermodel would find themselves completely, 100% confident on their wedding day. It can sometimes be that despite all the loving arrangement, when the big day comes we feel a little exposed. We are the focal point of course, what all this money and attention has been focused on. 

To that end, your nerves can sometimes get the better of you. Thankfully, with the following advice, you are sure to feel confident despite the human worries we can all share. This can help you focus on your big day as it truly is – something truly special to experience:

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Don’t Take It So Seriously

It can be hard NOT to take a wedding so seriously. If all goes as planned, you will only have one of these in your life. It’s a declaration of love to the partner you will decide to tie yourself to for the rest of your days. Your entire family is there, some you haven’t seen in years. It can seem like the most important and stressful day you will ever go through. If someone told you not to take childbirth so seriously, would that make a difference? Of course not.

However, despite all that understandable sentiment, it can often be that you’re holding yourself to too high a standard. Have fun with your wedding! If you want to wear a hair accessory a little out of the norm, go for it. If you want your first dance to be something silly, go for it. If you wish to buy bridal robes to help everyone relax as you get ready, then invest in some! When you stop taking things as if it is life or death, you can have more fun, and ironically the event is likely to be more of a success.

Take Care Of Your Body

The night before the wedding it’s unlikely you’ll have a whole lot of sleep. This is why it can be worthwhile to care for yourself for months before the wedding date. As well as just good practical lifestyle advice, the ability to meditate ahead of time, to exercise, to eat right and feel good in your body will have a real effect when it comes to your wedding day. You’ll feel natural, comfortable, as if this is something you needn’t worry about. The peace of mind you have will help you feel much more sociable and engaging, despite that lack of sleep.

Don’t Force A Huge Invite List

It’s not uncommon for many wedding couples to think they have to invite all of their colleagues and all of their family to the event. But if there’s someone there who could make you nervous, or who threatens to ruin any family occasion? You shouldn’t feel at odds with inviting everyone just because. Keeping it a little smaller can help you feel like you’re in better company – because odds are, you will be.

With these tips, you’re sure to feel more confident at your wedding. You deserve it.

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Shafonne Myers is a certified wedding and event planner who longed for bridal inspiration that looked like her. She has created a website and magazine that brings bridal inspiration to plus size brides. She does speaking engagements educating the world about plus size brides and self confidence.
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