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REAL WEDDING | Blue, Gold and White Destination Wedding | Karina Jensen | Pretty Pear Bride
REAL WEDDING | Blue, Gold and White Destination Wedding | Karina Jensen | Pretty Pear Bride

Weddings can be extremely lavish and formal, but they don’t need to be. A wedding can be as formal or as casual as you want it be. If you would rather do something more relaxed, you can plan a wedding day that suits your tastes. It’s easy to create a day that both you and your guests will love, just as long as no one minds a wedding that veers from tradition. A more casual wedding can not only be less stressful on the day but it could be less stressful to plan too. Try these ideas for a more relaxed wedding day.

Choose Self-serving Catering

Creating a seating plan and sitting everyone down for a three-course meal is one way to serve food at your wedding. However, if you want to make things more casual, consider focusing on self-service food and drink instead. You can use a company like Stamford Catering to provide a buffet as a main offering for your guests. Other options include having different stations so that people can get their own food and even customize what they choose. You could have a prosecco station with different mixers and things to add to drinks, or a cupcake station where guests can decorate their own cakes.

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Go with a Casual Dress Code

Weddings are typically at least semi-formal affairs, especially when it comes to the main wedding party. However, if you don’t feel like full suits and evening gowns, there’s always the option of being more casual. You can suggest what sort of clothes might be appropriate for the day, or even ban formal items such as ties. For your own clothes, it’s possible to choose a special outfit that you feel comfortable in and that’s appropriate for your wedding day.

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Add Some DIY Details

For a more relaxed feel during your wedding, consider adding some DIY elements to the day. You might decide to make some decorations or party favors, or even think about making your own clothes or accessories. You might cut some flowers from your own garden for buttonholes or even have some DIY food or drink for your guests. Whatever you choose to do, try not to make it too stressful. It should be something that’s fun to do, and not something that you’re rushing to finish at the last minute.

Break Out the Games

Entertaining your guests usually takes the form of speeches, followed by dancing. However, there are plenty of other fun ideas that you might want to use. One thing you could do is offer some games for your guests to play, which can help to break the ice between guests who have just met and inject some fun into the day in a relaxed way. You could have games of all kinds, from board games and quizzes to lawn games. Think about what will be fun for your guests to play.

If you want to have a more relaxed and casual wedding day, don’t let anything stop you from doing so.

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