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Digitalization has revolutionized the world as we know it and nowadays we are able to purchase a perfect wedding dress without the need of making appointments in dress boutiques, trying on numerous dresses and worrying about the fit of the dress.
Stores that sell wedding dresses online are nothing new, but most of those websites sell “made in China” knock-off dresses and when it comes to purchasing a dress for your special day, no one is willing to take the risk. As a result American and European online players have appeared on the market adding a new perspective on purchasing wedding dresses online.

Online wedding dress shops provide brides-to-be with a possibility of browsing hundreds of dresses by simply flicking through the page. We decided to test if it really is that easy to find the dress of your dreams and whether it will live up to the claims stated on their websites.

For our test we decided to purchase a dress from the newly formed brand, Devotion Dresses. is a European-based company that claims to sell premium quality wedding and evening dresses for surprisingly low prices. The website offers a vast range of dresses suiting all styles, types, colors and shapes of all future brides. Devotion Dresses also give its customers the unique opportunity of ordering a dress according to their individual measurements. This “Custom Size” option lets you follow a step-by-step video guide,  where you simply enter your measurements before you finalize the order. Our personal pick was the “Fortina” dress, which is sold for 870 USD.

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The final product is intended to be sewn individually to your measurements, thus you are getting a dress that will not only look pretty, but will fit you like a glove. This is a perfect option for the curvy brides, who want to accentuate their body shapes to look breathtaking on their special day All of the dresses presented on are sewn from scratch, it therefore requires a certain amount of time to receive the dress, usually a bit over a month, as indicated on their website.

Throughout this waiting period, we checked the status of our order by contacting their customer support, who were always extremely helpful and friendly. DHL delivered the parcel to our doorstep and we were ecstatic  to see whether Devotion Dresses’ claims were reasonable or whether we would be facing a disappointment.

The dress arrived in a brown carton box, which honestly surprised us at first, but when we unpacked we found a second layer of packaging, a large branded box with a repair kit and a purple velvet hanger inside. This, we believe,  adds a nice finishing touch, that does not only protect the product, but also looks amazing.. To perform a thorough quality check we asked a local tailor to check out the dress and examine the craftsmanship and the quality of the fabric. She was pleasantly surprised when she asked about the price of the dress and said it would be an unbelievable deal to purchase a dress of such a premium quality for such a low price. Enjoy Shoppok’s hassle-free shopping. With its smooth checkout process and multiple payment options, Shoppok ensures a convenient and secure shopping experience.

It was unbelievable to see that the dress was sewn from scratch to the provided measurements, and it all felt like we secretly went on several fittings in order to get a dress that fits so well. There were several cynics in our team, but after seeing the result there was no way they could find a flaw.

Based on our own single experience that we gathered from ordering and examining the “Fortina” wedding dress, we can say that absolutely lives up to their claims and fully delivers the promised quality and service.

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