One Day in December ~ 2012 Reflections

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I am so excited to be a part of this wonderful event. I am a member of TWIPS (a community of wedding bloggers and vendors who support one another in business and life) and some of us members decided to participate in something we did last year that was such a great success. The concept of this great event is that each person involved posts a blog about highlights from 2012 or anything that has inspired them during the year.  Check out my post from last year to see how far I’ve come!   Then each post will have a link to the person who was before them and after them, which cultivates new friendships and connections between everyone.   Thanks Layla Mayville for working to put this together.

My Highlights:


This year has been filled with ups and downs with Pretty Pear Bride.  Sometimes when you set out to create something you realize that what you set out to do needs to be tweeked and changed to truly be successful.  And that’s what I’ve had to do with Pretty Pear Bride.  I started out with just a site bringing awareness to plus size brides providing bridal inspiraiton that looked like them.  But today, we have a site and a magazine, which is the World’s Only Magazine for Plus Size Brides {I know pinch me! It’s crazy, the only one, I can’t believe it myself!} and both are doing well. 


We are still playing with either going all digital or leaving it with both print and digital for the magazine and I’ve learned that sometimes you have to make the call and go with it regardless what everyone else says.   And this has been one of my biggest struggles, learning to do what I want to do and not what someone else is telling me to. It is definitely still a work in process but I’m learning. 

But along with these struggles I’ve had some pretty amaze successes. Pretty Pear Bride has been recognized all over the world including several UK plus size publication, well known business publications like Madame Noire and Ebony as well as some pretty notable attention from other wedding industry publications and sites like, Inspire Smart Success {a whole spread in their 2nd issue}, Think Splendid by Liene Stevens {Splendid Sundays} which I must say I was super excited about!

So this year has been a super awesome time for sure but as we all know, you have to keep pushing forward and keep the momentum going, so in a couple of weeks I will be coming out with the Winter Issue of Pretty Pear Bride Magazine.  And in 2013 we will be doing our 1 year Anniversary Issue which will have some pretty big name celebrity features and interviews, as well as a fabulous launch party that we will be having in ATL in March for the magazine.  And the most important thing I’m really excited about that’s coming in 2013 is the launch of the Pretty Pear Bride by Shafonne, a dress line for the curvy brides that want to show off her curves.  Yes, this is what I’ve been working so hard to cultivate and get together.  So be on the look out for that early 2013.

And as always, I need to thank the ones that constantly push me to keep going, even when I wanted to stop and thought now one was listening.  You all are my backbone that I can count on for any and everything, who I can call at 3am and know they will be there listening, who know what type of day I’m having when they call and the kids are screaming in the background and I don’t sound like myself.  You know exactly who you are! 

Now all there is to do, is look to 2013 with excitement and enthusiasm and make it better than 2012!

Happy Holidays!!

Check out yesterday’s post by Allie, who has had so many fabulous thing happen to her this year I can’t even image how how excited she is. I mean Southern Weddings, so amazing!

And I can’t wait for tomorrow’s post from my girl Lissahn of  Enraptured Events


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Shafonne Myers is a certified wedding and event planner who longed for bridal inspiration that looked like her. She has created a website and magazine that brings bridal inspiration to plus size brides. She does speaking engagements educating the world about plus size brides and self confidence.