MUST HAVE MONDAY | Bridesmaid Fabulousness by Kennedy Blue | Pretty Pear Bride

MUST HAVE MONDAY | Bridesmaid Fabulousness by Kennedy Blue

I am so excited to share the first installment of a new series here at PPB, it’s called “On Me”.  I’m going to sharing some of the top bridal designers but with a little different spin. I won’t just be sharing stock images with the designs on models, I’ll be sharing images of the collections “On Me”, yes you heard me correctly. You will get to see how different styles look on me and my body type.  Its so hard to envision how a certain style will look on you when only looking at one type of mode.  It’s my adaptation of an “outfit of the day” series but just with bridal.

Today I’m sharing a fabulous bridesmaid designer, Kennedy Blue.  First off I must say that before I even got the dresses, I stocked their website and it has some pretty amazing styles and colors.  The one thing I loved about them is that you can actually try on any of their fashions before you commit to them. This means that you can pick out a few different styles that you like and get them sent out to you to try on.  So no more trying to fit into a sample size 4 sizes to small for you.  You get to pick out the style and size you like and then it comes straight to your front door. I just love this idea because one, it takes away the hassle of going somewhere to try on a million and one dresses and two it makes it some much more comfortable for people who don’t want to go to a store.  Find out more about their Try It On At Home program here.

I also loved how true their sizing was! This actually threw me off a bit because most bridal designers run small and you have to typically go up in size, most of the times up to 2 sizes.  So I ordered up 2 sizes and they turned out to be a bit large on me.  So this is such a bonus to know that when you order from Kennedy Blue  you can order your actual size.


I got the idea a little while back from a fellow fashion blogger, shout out to Chasity of Garnerstyle for the vote of confidence to start doing this!

So stay tuned for me to share new brands with you, and if you are a brand wanting to work with me on this new series, visit our contact page and reach out.

Vendor Love – Photography: Jasmine Norris Photography

Check out more of Kennedy Blue’s designs here.



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