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Well, if you have no idea what the  Steal the Deal sweepstake is, then you definitely need to head over to Davidsbridal.com and see what everyone is so excited! We have more details in our first 2 posts here and here.

Have you entered yet?


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We are now on the 3rd week of the sweepstakes and it’s been great!! There have been two winners – Daisy and Kimberly – and you have the chance to be the third! Over the past two weeks, I’ve been sharing my tips and  tricks for how to get the biggest haul during the sweepstakes.   I’ll highlight a few of them below and share my tips video.  Next week I’m going to share my actual steal, so you can see all my great tips and tricks in action.  Yep you heard it right, I had a chance to do my very own “Steal the Deal” and it was AWESOME.  It was great running through the store, grabbing what I wanted and putting it on.  It was also hard work and took some strategy.  So that you can have as good a time and as great a steal, I’m going to share a few more tips for you.  If you want to check out my other tips, check out my other posts here and here.



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Steal the Deal Tips

  • Make a List

So important!!! This way you know exactly what things you want to grab for your steal.  On my list, I wanted to include  bridesmaid dresses, sashes, veils and accessories.  And as you can see, I said multiples of each. You can literally grab whatever items and whatever quantity you want {wink, wink}.  The goal is to get as much as you can wear – up to $10,00.  This is why this list is so crucial because it will be your roadmap to what you will be trying to grab during your 2 minutes.

self love handbook for plus size brides, self love for plus size brides
  • Get a layout of your store

Know where everything is so you can go exactly to that product and not waste time running around looking for it…remember you only have 2 minutes..

  • Train

I know it sounds crazy but you will be running through a store for 2 minutes putting on dresses, veils, sashes and all kinds of wedding accessories.  Make sure to stretch and train so you can perform your best.

  • Have Fun!

Honestly had the most fun EVER doing this! It really was fun knowing that you would get the value of whatever you grabbed.  It was like me knowing that everything I was picking out and putting on would help me get one step closer to my dream wedding. It was amazing.


Ok, now for my video tips…..visuals are always better!!!


Here’s a picture of my accessories.  I absolutely love that clutch. It would be a perfect addition to any plus size bride’s wedding.


What accessories are you putting on your list?



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