PLANNING | Give Your Guests A Wedding Breakfast To Remember

As any bride to be will know, there are a lot of different aspects to a wedding day. Some couples choose to put a lot of emphasis on the ceremony, while other people just want to have quiet nuptials and then throw a huge reception party afterward. But one part of everyone’s wedding day that is a little neither here nor there is the wedding breakfast. Although traditionally referred to as the breakfast, this term literally just means the meal you share with your guests on your wedding day – so it can take place at any time of day. Typically, wedding food has gathered quite a bad name over the years, with many couples telling horror stories of the poor catering they have received. But it is possible to put on a good show in terms of food for your guests – here are some ways you can do so.

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Consider what kind of catering to have

If you have booked your wedding ceremony at a hotel or at a stately home, chances are the venue itself will have a catering team included who could service your wedding. But before you go in and book the whole thing as one big bundle, ask to see and try some of the food first. Always make sure you see the food in person – bear in mind that professional photos can sometimes do even the worst food more justice than it deserves! It might seem easier and often cheaper to just book your food in with the wedding package as a whole, but you could potentially find yourself let down by the quality of the meals on offer. Consider how much care and effort your caterers put into being as versatile as possible. Do they have mobile refrigeration equipment from somewhere like IceCoolTrailers? Do they have a wide-range of options fit for all types of fussy eaters? Shop around for independent caterers who might be able to service your big day instead. It’s always better to have a few options of catering services to choose from.

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Spice up your cake

The cake can often be the centerpiece of the whole reception (apart from the bride, of course). So it only makes sense to make sure your’s is something worth looking at. The traditional white, tiered wedding cake might look classy, but it’s something that has definitely been overdone. If you want to give your guests a cake to remember, why not consider a cheese wedding cake? It will certainly help to give your wedding an edge that no one else’s has!

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Offer different types of food

One of the main issues with wedding food is that there is only one option when it comes to the meal – aside from a vegetarian version of whatever main dish is served. This can be awkward for any guests who perhaps don’t enjoy the meal that is being served, or if something goes wrong and the catering is simply poor. One way to get around this is to have a few different food options on offer so that your guests can pick and choose what they want to have. You can do this in a number of different ways – either by providing a buffet, or by hiring a few different food trucks (like at a festival) that serve different types of cuisine.

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