{Friday Find} Retro Candy from Old Time Candy

To keep this Retro Themed week going here at PPB, if you missed the Retro Themed Real Wedding this week check it out.

We found a fabulous online candy site that specializes in candy based on time periods, Old Time Candy.  LOVE IT!! Ever needed a specific type of candy for a candy bar, or a candy from a certain decade, well Old Time Candy has you covered.

Decade Boxes, Order Now!

Check out these great candies from different decades.



Pez Dispenser - NASCAR Helmets or Trucks - 1 piece Candy Necklace - bag of 100 unwrapped


100 Grand Bar - 1.5 oz bar Chiclets tiny size gum - 0.5 oz pack Good & Fruity - 5 oz theater box Haribo Gold Bears - 5 oz bag


Appleheads - 0.9 oz box Blow Pops - assorted flavors - 1 pop Bottle Caps - 6 oz theater box Andes Mints - 4.67 oz pkg


Airheads - 3.3 oz theater box Big League Chew - grape - 2.1 oz pouch Bubble Tape original flavor - 6 foot - 1 tape Caramello 1.6 oz bar


Gobstoppers - Chewy - 1.77 oz box Gummi Hot Dog - 1 piece Hershey's Cookies'n'Crème - 1.55 oz bar Sour Punch Straws - 2 oz cherry

Which one is your favorite?

Happy Planning,

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