{Engagement} Glam Couple Struts Their Stuff in Colorado | Jamie & Natalie Photography

Kendra and Antonio have the most awesome of engagement sessions for us today. You can tell just how fun and playful they are with their session that concluded at a cute penny arcade in Manitou Springs, Colorado. Read on to see more of this super fun session!

Kendra & Antonio



From the Photographer: Their beer and munchies meeting with us was nothing out of the ordinary. The various dips and myriad of dipping mechanisms weren’t gone in seconds. He wasn’t distracted by a lack of food. So when Kendra and Antonio decided to hire us for their engagement photos, there weren’t any indications of hanger-like behavior from him.This enhanced calm carried over to when we met up with them in the middle of the afternoon for their fall shoot. Kendra planned their first of three outfits as a blue plaid and denim combo with her cherry red f*ck me pumps blazing a trail that would set the tone for their shoot.In the heart of downtown Colorado Springs, Antonio’s abundance of Austin Powers movie line recitations provided no indication of his impending (NERD ALERT) Superboy-Prime transformation. We had no clue of his looming need for a red-blooded ‘murican meal.As we transitioned into the couple’s glam slam, cream-colored, fancy schmancy number, we still didn’t sense the approaching fall to the kryptonite of famine. We had no idea that Antonio’s overwhelming hankering for meat in a casing would be the final thoughts from their shoot.And then it happened. Their final outfits would shift us to the streets and famous vintage penny arcade area of Manitou Springs, which was a BAMFing complement to their superhero hoodies and shoes. As we walked to the staircase (you know the one), we were finally filled in on Antonio’s desire for a hot dog. It was a fairly casual mention. Nothing serious. Not like that of a pregnant woman in her final trimester after a week-long fast.Did we mention that we were shooting directly in front of Patsy’s? Oy. Sight of the list of carnival-inspired (but waaay better) cuisine was the end of this man. Although “hot dogs” was the same size, font, and color as everything else on the menu, it was apparently shouting at Antonio from afar. Had he not been wearing a Superman sweatshirt, we’re positive shrieks of excitement would’ve ensued.We wrapped up their shoot with a final look of hanger (and obviously pure adoration for his bad-to-the-bone bride) on his face. We left them in his giddiness of grub consumption.And wouldn’t you know it that they had run out of hot dogs?! #$%*&!

Vendor Love: Photographer:  Jamie & Natalie Photography //


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