ENGAGEMENT | Canadian Engagment Session at Prince of Wales Train Bridge | Kymberlie Dozois Photography

Angela and Andrew are just the sweetest couple! We loved their engagement session, especially the gorgeous photos at the Prince of Wales train bridge. Oh and ladies? Andrew has got the romance thing down pat—he proposed while the two were choosing a Christmas tree. Angela and Andrew, we wish you the very best and hope you live happily ever after! Thank you for sharing this special moment with us.

Angela & Andrew

Tell us about your first meeting.. Bride: We met, as many couples do now a day, through online dating. He sent me a sweet message and we started chatting and made a date for when he was back in town. Groom: We met through an online dating service. I had a few pretty bad misses, but had little else going on so I kept at it. Luckily I came across the right girl, despite her lying about her height. Tell us about your First Date… Bride: I was over an hour late to our first date, and he surprisingly enough waited for me. I’m pretty sure he’s convinced I’ll be late to the wedding! Groom: Angela was two hours late, and three inches short for our first date. Despite waiting in freezing temperatures, we had a pretty good time. Tell us about your First Kiss… Bride: After our first date I drove Andrew home. He kissed me in the car goodnight. He then forgot all of his bus tickets (to be fair they dropped out of his jacket pocket)! So I had to schedule a second date with him, if only to give him back his bus tickets. Groom: I didn’t wait long for a first kiss. I made my move when Angela dropped me off at home, but I foolishly dropped my bus tickets in her car doing so. As a broke student who just spent a good chunk of my paycheck on a date, I really needed those bus tickets back. Tell us about the proposal… Bride: Ottawa had one of the warmest winters on record last year. Yet, the morning Andrew asked me to marry him we had a tiny dusting of snow. The only day it snowed before Christmas. We headed out to the Christmas lot and Andrew spotted the “perfect” tree at the far end (away from everyone else). After we cut the tree down I wanted to go so we didn’t miss the tractor back to lodge (spoiler alert! we did!). He said to wait he needed to ask me something. Then he got down on one knee, opened the ring box and said “Angela will you marry me?” Pretty sure I just squeaked and nodded instead of saying yes but it was a perfect proposal. Groom: I went to every jewelry store in two different malls. To find the right ring. I thought I spotted the ring in one of the first stores but then checked every other store just to be sure. I asked her to marry me at a Christmas tree farm. After we cut down the tree I got down on one knee and proposed. She squeaked and nodded a lot and despite all of my attempts she only officially said yes three days later. I also made sure to close the ring box before I kissed her because I didn’t want to lose the ring in the middle of the forest, because knowing Angela she would accidentally send the ring flying somewhere. Write a short letter to each other 

My Dearest Andrew,

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If you had asked me six years ago what I would be doing, I doubt the answer would be marrying the man of my dream. You can make me cry, smile and most importantly laugh, even when I’m mad at you. Through our ups and downs and all the crazy adventures we’ve experienced, my love for you has only grown. I cannot wait to start the next chapter in our lives together.

All my Love, Angela

Dear Angela,

I suck at writing these and I really hate you for making me do this. But, I’m writing this out because I love you more than anything. I love making you happy, and I love your smile and I love you more than anything and I am so excited to marry you.

Vendor Love: Photographer: Kymberlie Dozois | Hair and makeup: Liana LaCroix Beauty | Locations: Remic Rapids, Prince of Wales train bridge


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