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{Fashion Friday} Plus Size Bridesmaid Dresses from Nordstrom

    I love finding good buys and I especially love finding a good buy in a great place and Nordstrom is just that. They have released a few images announcing some of their fall color combinations and I’m in love.  They have even realized that they need to include plus size models in their imagery. […]

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{Real Plus Size Wedding} Intimate Alabama Beach Wedding | Alisha Crossley Photography

    We have featured so many plus size brides that started out wanting a large elaborate wedding and ended up doing a small intimate wedding.  It can prove to be such a relaxing and less stressful event when you can actually enjoy everyone who is at your wedding.  This couple decided on a gorgeous […]

{Fashion Friday} Decoding Wedding Dress Styles and Necklines

There are so many different wedding dress styles and necklines it can make your head spin.  So I found these handy little pictures to help you tell the difference between them all.  Hope it helps! Which neckline and dress style is your favorite?   Dress Styles   Image from Camille Gracia Bridal Couture   Necklines […]

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{#BridesInfluencers} We’re a Part of Brides Influencers by Brides Magazine

This is so exciting.  We applied and were accepted by Brides Magazine into an exclusive group, called Brides Influencers {aka #bridesinfluencers}, consisting of the most stylish, social women who dream about weddings night and day. We will be able to bring you exclusive information from the bridal world including updates on designers, products information, insider […]

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{Curvy Brides Recap} Curvaceous Couture’s New Show “Curvy Brides” Episode 1 Recap

I was so excited about watching this amazing show! The plus size bridal community has been waiting so long for something like this.  TLC has done shows in the past for plus size brides but they haven’t been shot in salons that were fully dedicated to plus size wedding gowns. This show takes place in Curvaceous […]

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{PPB Magazine} Fall 2014 Issue {V11} Cover Sneak Peek

Pre-Order Digital Issue and Digital/Print  It seems that our Pretty Pear Bride Magazine covers are getting better and better each issue and this issue is no different.  We have a wonderful team that worked tirelessly to make a cover that would knock everyone’s socks off and it did.  My goal to making amazing issues and covers is to […]

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{Curvy News} “Curvy Brides” Finally Get Their Own Show On TLC

Yep you heard me right and I am official overjoyed and beyond excited to report that we as plus size and curvy brides are finally getting some representation on TV.  “Curvy Brides” is set to premiere on TLC during the coveted “Friday Bride Day” at 10pm on August 1, 2014. “Curvy Brides” showcases the plus-size bridal salon […]

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{Real Plus Size Wedding} Beach Boardwalk Wedding in Atlantic City Part 1| Marie Labbancz Photography

I’m not much of a casino player but I know that Atlantic City is the perfect place for it.  And this Atlantic City wedding by Marie Labbancz Photography could truly turn me into a more frequent casino player because it’s amazing! The plus size bride looks stunning and the reception decor is breathtaking.  It’s a […]

{Real Plus Size Wedding} Vintage Alabama Yellow and Gray Wedding | j. woodbery photography

{Real Plus Size Wedding} Vintage Alabama Yellow and Gray Wedding | j. woodbery photography Now, I’m a sucker for amazing weddings and yellow and gray definitely take the cake for me.  There are tons of wedding color combination but it’s just something about yellow and gray that takes me to another place.  It’s a simple […]