{Wedding Wednesday} Vintage Theme Ideas for Plus Size Brides

{Wedding Wednesday} Vintage Theme Ideas for Plus Size Brides

The latest craze right now is any and everything vintage, so here are so fabulous ideas for any plus size bride to get in on the vintage theme for their wedding. And you know I love everything Coke so of course that HAD to be include.

The latest craze right now is any and everything vintage, and there’s a wealth of fabulous ideas for any plus-size bride looking to incorporate this timeless trend into their wedding. What is considered vintage and how can you incorporate it? Well, for starters, consider donning a lace gown, especially those with A-line or empire waist cuts which echo the styles of bygone eras. Subtle embellishments like pearls or sequins can add an old-world charm to your ensemble.

Matching your outfit with classic pearls or art-deco style jewelry can elevate your look even further. If you’re lucky, you might even find a family heirloom or discover an authentic piece in an antique store. Hairstyles can also be a nod to the past, with soft waves, classic updos, or braided crowns. For an added vintage touch, you can accessorize with hairpins or hairpieces that evoke a bygone era.

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Incorporating your love for Coke, think about using vintage Coke bottles as unique vases for your centerpieces. You might also set up an old-fashioned Coke cooler, allowing guests to take a trip down memory lane as they grab a cold drink. The decor can be enhanced using lace tablecloths, brass candle holders, and antique dishes. A heartfelt touch might be to hang black and white photos of family weddings from earlier generations, offering a heartwarming connection to the past.

For your venue, selecting places with a vintage charm, like historic mansions, older city buildings, or rustic barns, can set the right mood. Complementing the setting, arriving in a vintage car such as a classic Rolls Royce can make quite the statement. Lastly, the tunes you choose can create the perfect ambiance. Incorporate classics from the ’40s or ’50s to transport your guests to a different time.

In essence, the magic of a vintage-themed wedding lies in the intricate details. Whether you opt for subtle nods or a complete retro experience, ensuring authenticity will create a celebration that’s both memorable and uniquely you.


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