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Weight Loss and Weddings…..Let’s be Realistic?

*Originally posted on 2/6/14

So of course this whole Biggest Loser uproar has been abuzz online and caused many of us to really contemplate….How much is too much weight to lose and what’s realistic?


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Let’s be honest, I don’t fault Rachel Fredrickson for wanting to lose the weight, heck we all feel that we can lose a few pounds, few being the operative word, not over half of your body weight. What I don’t agree with is how much she lost. I just don’t think that the amount she lost was a realistic number for her build and frame.

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As plus size brides, we all have that dream weight in our minds but we HAVE to be REALISTIC!!

So many plus size and curvy brides want to drop tons of pounds but it’s not realistic to think that you will have time or be able to lose tons of weight before your wedding, with so many other things going one. Planning a wedding can be an overly stressful time and the thought of trying to lose an astronomic amount of weight is just asking for your stress levels to be projected to an all time high. Now, don’t get me wrong I am not advocating you to not get healthy and get to a better weight but let’s be real…..is doing it while planning your wedding the best time to do it?

And let’s think about the aftermath of losing a large amount of weight because if you do lose the weight you then have to think how it will affect your wedding gown. You have the possibility of your arms sagging and your face developing wrinkles from the excess skin, among other things. But this should not stop you if you are committed to living a healthier lifestyle. After all, there are a wide variety of procedures out there nowadays to help you feel and look amazing.

Let’s take Rachel for example, she has absolutely no muscle tone. Which is another problem when losing a large amount of weight unless you are incorporating exercises that focus on that, which most people concentrating on weight loss and especially in a shorter period of time, don’t concentrate on this. All things to think about when debating on the amount of weight to lose and the reality of it.

I’ll end with saying this, AGAIN, I’m not telling you not to lose weight and I’m not saying not to do it while planning your wedding. But what I am saying is to be realistic and strive for a goal that is attainable and won’t cause you more stress than you can take on. There is no need to add more onto your plate when you don’t have to, it really isn’t. Your wedding and the planning process is supposed to be a joyous time and yes I know it can be hard at times but why add in one more thing to complicate things when it can be afforded.

I would love for you to share with me your weight loss journey while planning your wedding….good or bad.

*Updated 1/22/19

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