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{Wedding Tip Thursday} Wedding Vendors – The Good, The Bad and the Tips to Avoid the Ugly


Yes, you are getting married and there is a high probability that this is not your 10th rodeo.  The industry changes all the time, so even if you have done it before you’re still an novice when it comes to hiring the right vendors.  It can be terrifying, you’ll hear about how your sister’s DJ completely bombed, but seemed like they knew what they were doing, and the photo booth company that had great reviews, they didn’t even show up.  The horror stories stick with you while you are putting your wedding puzzel together, and you just hope that you’ve made the best choice with your wedding vendor.  Back in February I did a “Ask a Wedding Planner” piece on Wedding Vendors on my own blog, Celia Rose, Inc., and besides the fact that I’m a Wedding Coordinator with a number one goal of battling the bad vendors one client at a time to ensure the best possible wedding for those who I work for, I’ve got the best tips for you when looking at potential vendors.  Trust me, if you want to avoid the ugly, you’ll want to know what you are doing.


The first step in finding the right vendors is to know exactly what you are looking for.  You may need help with only a little bit, you may need help with a lot.  Either way, if you aren’t sure of what services you need to book it’ll be way easier for a vendor to talk you into their super duper flashy and expensive package that includes all their bells and whistles.  Research your wedding needs before meeting with vendors and stick to what you are looking for.

Before you get started searching for vendors you need to acquaint yourself with what to look for in a good vendor.  Look up everything from horror stories to positive stories on vendor relations and make sure you gear up for an interview.  You may have purchased a wedding planning workbook and most times they include questions to ask potential vendors.  You can also find free printable worksheets online.  My personal favorite is Here Comes The Guide.  They have free printable questions to ask potential vendors, accompanied by articles to help get ready for interviewing vendors.

self love handbook for plus size brides, self love for plus size brides

Here’s a link to their available vendor relation articles:

You can also take a look at our Pinterest Board – Questions To Ask Potential Wedding Vendors for useful free printables.
Next look up vendors in your area and start making a list.  Ask around to family and friends to see if they have any experience with local vendors.  On your list make sure to note reviews, any experiences shared with you, prices ranges, (if listed), and your thoughts on their website/social media presence.  Don’t look over companies that have only a few reviews, (or even no reviews at all), but do cross off any vendors with bad reviews from your list. Take time to get to know the vendors prior to contacting them and reach out to your top three choices.  Note their response time and their interactions with you.  Ultimately your choice should be the vendor you feel the most comfortable with so their initial communication with you is a huge part of that.
When you meet with them be sure to ask them the questions you have on your interview worksheet.  Take down notes and ask them your own set of questions.  You should be able to view their previous work and they should be able to provide you with a list of certifications or awards they have received.  Newer vendors may not have as many awards or a big portfolio to show you, however their confidence should equal other vendors and their pricing should be comparable to what they are able to offer you.  Pay attention to everything, if their prices are too good to be true, seem super pricey or if there are strict policies on hours and extra fees.
Your last step before choosing your vendor is to review, review and review again.  Look over your notes, look over the material the vendor gave you and finally review their contract.  Do not sign any contract until you have had ample time to read over it a few times.  I’d suggest even having your parents, attorney or bride’s maid/best man go through the contract and come up with questions or concerns.  Be sure to review any issues with the vendor and when you are absolutely positive that you’re getting the best vendor for your needs, then make things final!

Picking the perfect vendors for your needs is ultimately your decision, however I do suggest getting a wedding planner.  Use the same vendor rules I just outlined for you when searching for a coordinator, and know that you can cut your time in half, (as well as save money), when you team up with a coordinator that fits your needs.  If you’re still a bit unsure about getting a wedding planner, take a look at this awesome article on Offbeat Bride – How My Wedding Planner Save Me So Much Money That She Paid For Herself, and Then Some.

One other thing I should mention before leaving you today is using these guidelines when searching for basic wedding purchases.  Bridal shops are the easiest places to spend money because they charge upgraded prices on shoes, dresses, alterations and extras you may not need.  Before going shopping for anything wedding related, be prepared and don’t let a vendor tell you what you need over what you actually want.
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