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{Wedding Tip Thursday} Tips for Purchasing Wedding Rings

{Wedding Tip Thursday} Tips for Purchasing Wedding Rings

Whether you are looking for wedding bands for men or rings for women, when choosing them you want to pick something that is personalized and significant to you and your partner. Just like your attire you want something that is going to fit your personality. I mean this is something you will be wearing forever, so I would hope you want it to be meaningful. So here are a few tips for purchasing wedding rings from somewhere like to make sure you’re getting the right one for you.


This is first and foremost because if a ring isn’t comfortable then you or your partner aren’t going to want to wear it. And that can lead to a huge problem. So when determining the best fit take into account shape and thickness/width especially when dealing with a larger finger of a plus size bride or groom. Soft, rounded edges are preferable to a ring with angular edges. The curve on the inside of the ring should be soft otherwise you’ll find the ring annoying and not want to wear it. The best wedding band for a man is the one he can slip on forget is there. Check out some of our favorite choices for a comfortable fit.

18k White Gold 8mm Art Deco Comfort Fit Wedding Band
Cobaltchrome 9mm Four-Sided Wedding Ring
James Allen, wedding ring
18k White Gold 4.0mm Traditional Slightly Curved Wedding Ring
14k White Gold 0.93ct Bar Set and Pave Diamond Wedding Ring
18k White Gold 8mm Grooved Edge Comfort Fit Wedding Band
18k White Gold 8mm Grooved Edge Comfort Fit Wedding Band


This is another one of those important factors when shopping for wedding rings because whether you both want the same style it needs to be something that you both are happy with. Yes, it’s super cute for you both to have matching wedding rings but honestly your partner might not like the same style of ring as you. Many wedding rings contain stones, specifically diamonds. Not many men want to wear diamonds, while most women do. Therefore, when choosing rings the style of the band can be the same, while allowing the bride to have hers embedded with diamonds. Most men’s wedding bands are wider than the woman’s too, therefore there is no mistaking which is the guy’s ring and which is the gal’s ring. So keep this in mind because both of you should LOVE your rings, not just one of you. Here are some examples of different styles of wedding rings.

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james allen, wedding rings
18k White Gold 0.06ct Slightly Curved Princess Shaped Diamond Wedding Ring
james allen, wedding rings
18k White Gold 0.75ctw Share Prong Diamond Anniversary Ring
18k White Gold 0.85ct Channel Set Princess Shaped Diamond Eternity Band
18k White Gold 0.85ct Channel Set Princess Shaped Diamond Eternity Band
Platinum 8mm Grooved Satin Finish Comfort Fit Wedding Band
Titanium 8mm Satin and High Polish, Screw Design Wedding Ring

Whether it’s comfort or style make sure that you and your partner agree on one thing, that it’s going to be a great ring for each of you. No one wants to wear wedding rings that don’t represent them so ensure that both of you are able to voice your opinion on the one piece of jewelry that y’all will wear for the rest of your lives.

wedding rings, james allen wedding rings, james allen

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