{Wedding Tip Thursday} The Cost of Being a Wedding Guest

{Wedding Tip Thursday} The Cost of Being a Wedding Guest

We are about 3/4 the way through wedding season and I’m sure that everyone’s pockets are already feeling the pressure of being wedding guests during a busy wedding season. People don’t realize that the guest of weddings have quite a bit of money to shell out as well as the bridal party, wedding couple’s family and even the wedding couple.  A recent survey by American Express found the 69 million people expected to attend weddings this year will shell out an average of $577 per person, compared to $377 in 2012.  This is crazy but absolutely true.  I attended a wedding a few weeks ago and just the attire, hotel, sitters for my kids and we haven’t even gotten to the couple’s wedding gift yet.  So we thought it would be interested to share this infographic with you on just how much the cost of being a wedding guest can be.


Image Credit: American Express and Business Insider

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