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{Wedding Tip Thursday} Kids at the wedding?

Garrett Ross Photography
Garrett Ross Photography

Having kids at your wedding can go smoothly…sometimes. There are some steps you can take to make sure that you reduce the amount of screaming children running around your reception. Although you cannot control the parenting, here are some general tips for having kids at your wedding.

Adults Only?

One easy options could be to eliminate bringing kids to your wedding ceremony and reception all together. If you decide to go this route, keep in mind that you should not make exceptions to the rule. If you let one family bring their children, yet tell everyone else they cannot, it could ruffle some feathers. This also applies to ring bearers and flower girls. You may face some opposition, but if this is what you and your fiance want then they should respect your decision.

Tasty Treats

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If you are allowing children at your wedding, having a kid-friendly meal option is a great idea. Check with your caterer or reception venue to see what options are available. Keep it general, you are not responsible for providing specific meals for picky eaters. If you are doing a buffet, then it is up to the parents to make choices for their children. For dessert, if you are having a candy table, have your planner or family member keep an eye on it so it does not get ravaged.

Kids Zone

A kid’s activity table can be a good distraction and entertainment zone. Put some kid songs youtube to keep them all entertained whilst the wedding is going on. This could be an extra table in your lounge area or on the outskirts of your reception room. You can pick up some crayons/markers and coloring books at the dollar store along with some cards, etc. to keep them busy. Keep in mind, that this area will not stay perfect, so do not use a super fancy linen on this table, simple works best. Even, having some outdoor yard games outside is a great idea!

Bonus to having kids as well is that they will be all over your dance floor and keep the dancing energy level up!

I would love to hear your wedding tips/suggestions/ideas! Post a comment if you have anything to share!

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