{Wedding Tip Thursday} How to Cherish Memories from your Wedding


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I’ve been traveling this past week so I’ve been looking at tons of wedding books and magazines.  And of course one of them was Martha Stewart Weddings, Summer 2014 and I came across a great article from Darcy Miller.  She talks about some great information about how to spotlight your memories after the big day.  She shared some great ideas about how to ensure that years later your wedding will still me cherished and your memories aren’t forgotten. Here are a few of my favorites,

1. Designate a Souvenir Snatcher

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First off I love this idea and I so wish I could be this person because I’m all about the sentimental things and I just know I would have the collection complete.  But this is absolutely a great idea because so often the couple has literally no time to think about grabbing an extra one of everything from the wedding to ensure that they have one for later.  This could be a great job for one of your bridesmaids or even someone who didn’t make it as a bridesmaid but your really care about them and want to have them involved with the day.  And don’t forget to get a copy of everything that was sent out to guests sent back to yourself as well.  It’s as simple as sending one of each thing along with the others to yourself.

2. Write It Down

I absolutely loved this idea too.  Darcy Miller says , to get all the speaks or vows that were said at the ceremony or reception written down.  You could get the scrap napkin or sheet of paper that the people giving the speaks scribbled on but it’s still a really nice piece to cherish after the fact.  I loved the thought that she gave that it could possibly be from someone who later passes on and you can look back at their handwriting and instantly be taking back to that time and place that was so special to you and them.

Here’s an example of something that I did for mine.  We keep it in our bedroom and look at it every day.  It has a napkin, picture and a couple of our favors from the big day.

unnamed (1)

These are a couple of my favorites that she shared as well as what I did…..we would love to hear if you have any to share.

Share your cherished memories from your wedding below.

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