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{Wedding Tip Thursday} Don’t Forget!


So you think you have everything planned out perfectly. With all the hustle and bustle of wedding planning there is something you are going to forget to think about. Its always the little things that are thought of afterwards were you say to yourself “Why didn’t I think of….”

Everyone at Pretty Pear Bride wants to make sure your day runs smoothly so, we have compiled a list for you that most brides do not think about.

1.) Having “point people.” There needs to be someone that you can count on for some of those random tasks; like collecting your wedding gifts, making sure all the luggage is in the car for the honeymoon and answering any questions that vendors may have.

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2.) Bringing a hanger for your dress. Still photography is all the rage at weddings and one of the most classic pictures is the lone wedding dress hanging, bathed in a window of light. Of course no one thinks of that old, plastic hanger until the time comes to take a picture of it.

3.) Packing an emergency kit. A million things could go wrong, and you’ll be thankful you have a kit full of things like extra bobby pins, deodorant, lipstick, tissues, safety pins, band-aids and anything else you might need. On my wedding day we needed safety pins (dress malfunctions) and glue (maid of honor heel broke). You never know!

4.) Feed your bridal party. The bride and groom may not be able to eat due to all the excitement and maybe nerves, but your bridesmaids and groomsmen are hungry. Ask someone to bring back a little plate of sandwiches, snacks or bagels while your getting ready. Nothing too messy!

5.) Having a “Just Married” sign. Whether it’s writing the words on the back window of a truck, creating a cute little sign to hang off the bumper, or using it as a prop in photos this is one thing you will not want to forget.

6.) Creating an itinerary. You may know the day’s events inside and out, but it’s doubtful that everyone else does. Create an itinerary available for anyone to reference throughout the day. You don’t want your family taking off for the reception right after the ceremony if that’s the time you’ve delegated for family photos. Send out an e-mail before the wedding or have your point person pass it out on the rehearsal dinner or on the big day!

7.) A thank you speech. The Maid of Honor and the Best Man have probably been practicing and honing their speeches for a while now (since most people hate public speaking), but you probably haven’t thought about a thank-you speech! No worries, just write down a few things you are grateful for (everyone being there, guests that traveled particularly far, people that helped with the wedding planning etc.) and mention them in a light, short speech.

8.) Take a look around: Your wedding day will most likely be a complete blur; everything goes by so fast (it really does)! So throughout the day make sure to stop for a second and soak up everything that is happening.

9.) Remember to go to the bathroom: Enough said! This is especially for the bride. It’s more difficult going to the bathroom in a wedding dress!


I would love to hear your wedding tips/suggestions/ideas! Post a comment if you have anything to share!

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