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{Wedding Tip Thursday} Band vs DJ

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Can’t decide who will be playing tunes during your reception? Here are some tips to help you decide.
When you envision your reception tunes, think about what kind of music vibes you would like to hear. Is there a certain theme you have in mind? Or certain artists that you love? Also, think about how you would like the music to sound, for example, if you want your music to have live music sounds and feel it is better to opt for a band.
As far as budgets go, DJs usually cost less than live bands. Although a celebrity DJ can cost more than a band. The price can depend on how large the band is as well. Prices may also vary on equipment needed and whether or not it is a weekend or weekday or during a popular season. With that being said, there may be DJs out there who have looked into getting financial help similar to DJ finance, which helped them buy equipment for events like this. So in this respect, hiring a DJ like this could mean you don’t have to worry about that part of it all. As long as they play the tunes you want and get the crowd up on their feet, that’s all that matters!
Check out your reception venue, before booking a band or DJ. Make sure that there would be enough space for the type of musicians you want. Also, some venues have restrictions on noise and equipment that can be used.
Bands will provide your reception with that live concert feel and give great energy to the evening. The band will play off of the “feel” of the crowd and play the music that they react to. Although bands will not have the variety of music that a DJ can provide and they are more expensive, nothing beats quality live music and the liveliness it gives to your reception.
DJs are masters of the turntable and can spin your reception into a high energy evening. DJs can offer a wide variety of music and a charismatic attitude. A good DJ can read the crowd and has a slew of songs at their fingertips to keep your evening grooving. Make sure that you like your DJ’s personality because that will show through into how they communicate with the crowd and through their music.

Remember to give your DJ or band a list of important songs and favorite artists that you would like played. Also, feel free to give them a list of songs that you dislike as well. Keep in mind though, that you do not want to take over their job and leave them some free rein to communicate with the crowd.

What would you prefer: Band or DJ?

I would love to hear your wedding tips/suggestions/ideas! Post a comment if you have anything to share!

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