{Wedding Tip Thursday} 5 Tips for Picking Wedding Jewelry for a Plus Size Bride

{Wedding Tip Thursday} 5 Tips for Picking Wedding Jewelry for a Plus Size Bride

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Jewelry is a key accessory for a plus size bride. It’s the one accent piece that can really embody your personality as well as your wedding theme. The ring you get from a jewlery maker like Haruni should be a compliment to your whole wedding ensemble so you want to make sure that it flows well. It can be a more chunky piece or a delicate accent to a dramatic wedding gown. If you are interested you can explore the exquisite 18k gold collection at https://www.statementcollective.com/.

Here also are a few tips for ensuring that you pick the perfect wedding jewelry for a plus size bride.

Match Hair with Jewelryf

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Depending on how you are going to wear your hair will determine the type and extend of your bridal jewelry. If you’re wearing your hair up, do it up and go big because you have prime neckline and ear real estate that is open and ready to be used for some gorgeous jewelry. When you are wearing your hair down, you wont’ be able to go too dramatic because you don’t want your earrings to get lost in your hair. Definitely not a good look!

Less is more

If you have a very elaborate dress with tons of lace, embroidery or beads you want to go for a more subtle and elegant look with pearls or a simple diamond necklace. You don’t want to over do it. You will make more of a statement with having a lesser amount of accessories. Samara James has some great options for bridal jewelry in this department.

Go for a longer Chain

When looking for bridal jewelry make sure and find pieces that have longer chains. Since you might have a broader neckline you want to make sure that you have a necklace that is going to have enough chain to come down and settle in the right spot. Adjustable chains and necklaces are a great way to really incorporate a longer chain because since it’s adjustable you have room to play around with different lengths to find a perfect match for your wedding dress. There’s nothing worse than falling in love with a necklace and then you put it on and it fits like a chocker. Yep, I’ve done that before. And don’t be afraid to experiment with different lengths and styles like a name necklace or even venture into the dangling necklace or bib realm.

Don’t procrastinate

Yes, I said it and put it out there because if y’all are anything like me, this is usually my main trouble. I know exactly what I want but I end up waiting until the last minute and then I’m stuck with trying to find something. And usually it’s not exactly what I wanted but something I had to go with because I was in a time crush. So make sure and build time to shop for jewelry into your wedding planning schedule. This is especially true if you’re getting custom made jewelry that’s inspired by Mauzie’s Fine Jewelry because they need time to design and make it.

Determine the Shape of your Face

This is one that most people don’t think about but it’s should honestly be one of the first things you do because this can help with hairstyles, etc. If you have a rounder face, like me you might want to go with something that is going to dangle and give a little vertical appeal because if you do a stud it has the potential to add to the fullness of your face.

The main thing to consider when picking wedding jewelry as a plus size bride is that longer is better. Anything that is longer is going to make you look slimmer and give the feeling of elongation.

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