Thirsty Thursday

{Thirsty Thursday} Icy Hands Halloween Punch

Halloween has passed for some but here in Ohio we will celebrating Halloween on Saturday because of Hurricane Sandy.  And I’m sure there will be a few stray Halloween Parties this weekend so we decided to share a fun Halloween punch that will be perfect for the festivities.

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  • 750 ml bottle premium vodka or white rum
  • 2 liter bottles of lemon lime soda – make sure to get a clear brand
  • Red food coloring
  • Marshmallows (optional)


To make icy hand:

Take 2 (always good to have an extra hand) latex gloves, put them on and wash your hands with dish soap. Rinse well and turn the glove inside out so the just washed side is on the inside. Next, fill the gloves with water, tie the end and freeze. Once frozen remove the glove and you are good to go.

To make the punch:

Chill the Vodka (in the freezer) and Soda (in the fridge) for at least 24 hours. Just before the party combine the two liquids in a large punch bowl. Add a few drops of the red food coloring to make it blood red, well maybe more than a few drops. Add one of your icy hands in the center of the bowl, throw in the marshmallows and squirt some more food coloring over all of it for extra bloodiness.

Recipe and Image courtesy of Drink of the Week

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