The Best Plus Size Jean Style Of 2019

Curves are in but unfortunately, most companies are slow to understand that the large majority of women are above a size six, which can make jean shopping an unpleasant experience.

The best way to navigate the waters is to find styles and denim washes that flatter your body and show off your assets. We’ve compiled a guide on how to select figure flattering jeans as well as the trendiest styles of 2019.

Select a Style That Makes You Look Lean and Long

Flared jeans are great for elongating the look of your legs. To further lengthen your body, find a mid to high waist pair that will keep that length going all the way through your torso. It just so happens that this style is very much back on trend so it shouldn’t be hard to find a variety of denim washes.


Dark Shades are Best

Dark shades are great for creating an hourglass look on any woman. Dark blues, greys and black are almost necessities for any closet because they have the ability to be dressed up or down easily by simply changing into a nice blazer or throwing on a pair of sneakers. The one downfall to dark jeans is that they have a tendency to fade however, that can be prevented if washed with care.

Jeans Should Fit Perfectly

There’s nothing better than a pair of jeans that fits you like a second skin but on the other hand, there’s nothing worse than a pair you don’t feel comfortable in. With the rise of online shopping, gaging the size and fit of a pair of jeans can be difficult, which is why it’s important to shop from companies that provide free refunds or go old fashioned and shop in-store.

Here are a few sizing tips that will make your life easier:

Your jeans should be neither too baggy nor too tight. When purchasing different kinds of jeans, follow the following tips

• Skinny jeans should hug your legs, hips, and bottom. However, they should not squeeze too tightly

• The waistband of jeans should gently hold in your mid section without feeling like you can’t breathe or sit with ease

Pocket placement is everything. When selecting a pair of jeans, make sure the pockets flatter your butt. Too low, you risk losing your hourglass shape – too small and you risk looking like your pants are too small.

• If you’re wanting to appear thin in boyfriend jeans, go for a straighter leg and tighter fit around your hips. Often boyfriend jeans can be too baggy in the knees and butt area, which can result in a sloppy look rather than a relaxed look

• Go for stretch denim! Whoever invented this concept is quite frankly a genius. When shopping for any style of jean, look at the tag for the percentage of spandex in the denim. This allows you to pull off that perfect figure-hugging look while still being able to move around with flexibility and comfort

The Must Have Jean Styles Of 2019

Wide Leg

One advantage of wide leg jeans for plus size women is that they nicely balance your hips and thighs with your torso, which lengthens your body. S

econdly, they are for the most part much more comfortable than skinny jeans as they flow freely and allow for move movement. If you pick a dark wash, this style can carry you through the day at work and through a night out with a simple change of blouse and shoes.

Torrid Wide Leg Jean

Boyfriend Jeans

The whole idea behind boyfriend jeans is that you should look as if you are wearing your boyfriend’s jeans. That being said, they’ve started making them for women for a reason – they should fit your body.

This style should hang off of your body from the hips with a rather loose fit. The key here is to find a pair that hug your bottom slightly and fall straight down without too much bagginess in the knees. The key to the perfect boyfriend style is a rolled cuff. This prevents the jeans from looking saggy and also showing off a little ankle.

These jeans look good distressed, ripped and in light washes however, they can also be found in more formal materials if you’re looking to dress them up.

Torrid Boyfriend Jeans


Jeggings are a cross between jeans and leggings. They are as comfortable as leggings, but they have the distinctive look of skinny jeans. Jeggings can be not only versatile but also stylish and comfortable.

There are two kinds of jeggings. One kind is made with legging materials such as cotton or spandex dyed to look like jeans. These jeggings don’t have pockets, and they feature an elastic waistband.

The denim jeggings are skinny jeans,which have pockets and a zip closure much like a pair of jeans. However, they are as comfortable as leggings since their denim material is super stretchy. This style is becoming the popular choice for many women as it’s hard to beat their versatility and comfort.

Torrid Premium Stretch Jeggings
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