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REAL WEDDING | Love at first sight in CA | Blue Jay Photo

This is the cutest wedding we have on tap for you ladies! Bride Tresunda and groom Abraham script movie lines to each other in random situations. You can see how sweet their love is on their gorgeous wedding day. The two married in California after Abraham proposed at Rim of the World overlooking all of Los Angeles. Hair and nails and dress are certainly on point, am I right ladies? Tresunda looks gorgeous! Congratulations you two lovebirds.

Tresunda & Abraham

BRIDE: What is it about your Groom to be that just makes you smile/laugh. What quirks can’t you live without? We can just be goofy with each other. When we script movie lines to each other out of random situations 🙂  His quirks are asking questions all the time lol even when he knows the answers. But I wouldn’t change him 🙂 HOW, WHERE, and WHEN did you two meet? Abraham was suppose to get hooked up with a associate of mine, but once I walked into the party that was it. A couple weeks went by and I totally forgot about him, and a friend of mine called and asked if I remember this light skinned dude with the green eyes. LOL She asked me to stop by so we could meet personally but I was on my way to a date I had planed already for the evening. As I was on the freeway I said I’ll just make a quick stop. Ummmm let’s just say I stood my date up and Abraham and I have been glued to the hip since then 🙂 How did he propose? Give me all the juicy details!  We were on our way to L.A for a looooong over due date weekend. Abraham decided he wanted to make a stop before we got there, so he made a detour. We were going up these hills and deep curves, the elevation is crazy because we are so high up. I’ve never been so scared. I had know clue where he was taking me. I thought maybe Big Bear because I have never skied, but I’m like no because I didn’t pack any warm cloths. I see signs that say Rim of the World, but it didn’t make sense. When we reached the top he parks and we both get out of the car. It’s so dark, as I turn around you see all the lights of the city just all around us. It was beautiful. We look for a minute, then he pulls me away and gets on one knee! 🙂 He always wanted to propose to me on the top of the highest hill he can get to. And he did. It was perfect. Just for us 🙂 I love him.

VENDORS- {Photographer}: Blue Jay Photography | {Venue}:  John Swisher Community Center | {Make-up}: Amber Carlos (Excuse my beauty studio) | {Hair}: Hair by Keisha  | {Nails}: Desert nails | {Suit}: Torrid |{Accessories}: Burlington Coat factory | {Officiant} : Paul Earle from Life Church

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